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Last updated: January 26, 2019

Religion has played a very significant role in society and the history of human race for centuries. Religion was first created by people to explain the secrets they could not explain with a logic; for instance, deaths, births, catastrophes and the formation of the universe. This essay thoroughly discusses the cause behind the formation of religion and the consequences it brought on the lives of Ancient Chinese and Egyptians.

In ancient Egypt, residents constantly faced natural disasters and they had no explanations for it whatsoever. To overcome these, they had to come up with at least something which could explain these disaster. According to them, they could only come up with a solution if they know the cause behind the problem. This search for the answers caused the creation of religion. Religion entirely changed their way of living and had huge consequences on their burial practices, conflict and war.

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For each one of the natural disasters or behaviors(anger, happiness), they had a specific God designated, who was worshipped so nothing bad would happen. However, even if any disaster would come, the specific God was accused. This even shows their belief in many Gods(Polytheism).

“In other words, superhuman beings are conceptualized by humans, and have a place in the shared cognitive map of the world” (Renfrew and Bahn, 1996: 388) To explain the unknown, Chinese took the same path as Egyptians did; which was


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