Regarding to item 1 of table 9, the water supply interruption in Sodo town is now a huge challenge and it affects the life of the residents in various ways. The frequency of water supply interruption revealed how much the water supply interruption is a very serious problem in the study area. The study result in above table 9 shows that, 118(80.2%) sampled respondents stated there is interruptions and 29(19.8%) respondents were indicated no interruptions. The study result indicated that the major portion of the respondents have been faced high interruption water supply services.
Concerning to item 2 of table 9, related to the reasons of interruption, 27 (18.4%) respondents indicated that interruption of water supply occurred due to scarcity of water source, 41 (27.9%) stated that interruption occurred as a result of technical problem, 30 (20.4%) revealed that the causes of interruption were the power problem, and 20 (13.6%) of the respondents described the other causes of continuous water supply interruptions like insufficient discharge, weak sector management, urban population growth and high raise of water demand, large number of residence using the single water point, poor maintenance and less water line protection. The majority of the sample respondents showed the causes of water supply interruption typically as a result of technical and power problem.
The average duration of water supply interruption in table 9 shows that, 36 (24.5%) sample households indicated interruption occurred two to three days per week, 30 (20.4%) described interruption occurred four to five days per week, 29 (19.7%) respondents stated that interruption experienced six to seven days per week and 23 (15.6 %) households showed they have faced above seven days water interruption. According to study result there is great problem of water supply interruptions in the town.
In the line with this, interview made with head of water and mine office suggests that the continuous water interruptions affect water supply and distribution in the town. Besides, technical problems affected the provision systems through unequal distribution. The researcher’s personal field observations also approved that, there is water interruptions in the town due to water shortages in the current water supply and distribution.
4.3.2 Impacts of water supply and distribution shortages
Access to safe drinking water and sanitation is important as a health and development issue at national, regional and local levels. In some regions, it has been shown that investments in water supply and distribution can yield a net economic benefit, since the reductions in adverse health effects and health care costs outweigh the costs of undertaking the interventions. Experience has also shown that interventions in improving access to safe water favour the poor in particular, whether in rural or urban areas, and can be an effective part of poverty alleviation strategies
(WHO, 2008).


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