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Last updated: April 25, 2019

Reflection 2: Visit to NP Internship & Career Fair I was given the opportunity to explore the career fair on 1st November 2018. At the fair there were various industries that targeted specific group of students. Like interns for tourism, engineering, hospitality and many more. I was able to see the prospects available for my internships and career.

After deciding on my specialisation which is Human Capital Management, I could see the interesting positions available to be offered. I realised that the digital marketing sector is currently getting more and more popular. Although digital marketing is high in demand, I was still able to spot some companies looking HR assistant/interns and HR specialist.I had spoke to a few companies on the skill they demand or look for in an intern.

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One of the common ones I heard was decision making. As a HR personal it is important to make decisions on hiring employees with proper prospect and also should be able to resolve conflict when arise. They will also look for someone who has values and ethics as they may be handling sensitives documents such as payrolls and employee’s personal information. They should be able to follow rules and regulations set within the company and also make that the employer and employees are following them.

The most important skill is communication, they should be able to communicate with managers, current and potential employees. Not only that enquires are often brought up to the HR department so they would have to communicate with other in a very caring, convincing and believable manner. Being able to work as a team is important. They would be the ones who are most probably be in charge of employee’s trainings. Therefore, they should be able to maintain a good relationship with their employees.Apart from soft skills, HR personal do need to have some hard skills too. Should have some legal knowledge and have some understanding on insurance provided for employees and company.

HR personals should not be bias when scheduling shifts or approving leaves. They should be responsible on allowing everyone to have a fair share. Some companies use payrolls software for example Human Resource Information Software. Knowing how to use this software is an advantage to potential employees. They should be able to prep and clean big data information.

It is very important to keep the employee’s data base up-to-date and free from human error. As a simple mistake can have a big impact on the company and employees.In conclusion the career fair has given me a wider view of the career prospects for my specialisation. Through this fair I was able to gain knowledge and expand my horizons. I have realised apart from hard skills Human Capital Management relies widely on soft skills such as communication, decision making, employee relations and many more.

I also have learnt that I should work on my soft skills as important as the hard skills as they play a major role. Thus, I have gained experience from the career fair 2018 and know how the job in the market for Human Capital Management is like and I’m looking forward to the next career fair.Word Count: 521 words


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