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Last updated: July 15, 2019

Reflection 1Alessandra Brown 1702478University of Technology To me, volunteerism is unpaid labour to a community or organisation. To truly carry out volunteerism one must carry out voluntary work without expecting money or other incentives in return. Vision 2030 Jamaica is a strategic road map to guide the country to achieve its goals of sustainable development and prosperity by 2030 (JIS, N.D).

There are four goals that are intended to be achieved which : Goal 1: Jamaicans are empowered to achieve their fullest potential. Goal 2: The Jamaican society is secure, cohesive and just. Goal 3: Jamaica’s economy is prosperous. Goal 4: Jamaica has a healthy natural environment Of these four goals I think goal one and goal four are the two goals most closely linked to volunteerism. Goal one is that jamaicans are empowered to achieve their full potential. The intention is that all jamaicans are able to among them selves become as productive as possible. This can be done if persons who are skilled can volunteer to teach uneducated persons their skills.

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This allows for more skilled person which well more than likely lead to higher productivity in Jamaica. Eventually this will lead to the country’s maximum potential given that there will be less person who are not doing being productive. Goal 4 states that Jamaica has a healthy natural environment. This is saying that the itend for jamaica to be is a clean area.

The problem is that we as jamaicans do not take care of this clean environment by continuously polluting and not trying to clean it. If we were to volunteer to do clean ups and to influence others to refrain from polluting the country so that it will remain clean. It is very important to help younger person find their potential to be the bet they can be. I intend to help as many of the children as possible at the Jamaica national Children’s Home to reach their full potential. This can be done by first and foremost helping the to discovery what career path they would like to pursue. I can assist them to pursue this career path by providing them with as much help as i can regarding their education.

I can do this by helping them with homework, reading or spelling. I can also provide assist by giving tips on how to going about pursuing this career. I can teach them or rather advice the on how to be mannerly and professional.

By doing this I will not only be preparing them but also giving them a boost to achieving their best potential by both mentoring them with education and basic life skills. I would also be voluntaing to encourage them so they are always motivated to become productive.


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