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Last updated: January 2, 2020

Reading is a process where we can generate the idea of creating a creative writing piece. It is a foundation of a good writing skills.
Based on the study of Zainal, Binti, and Pendidikan, (2007) proven that reading has a positive effect on the students writing. In addition (Kavruk et. al 2006, Kataray, 2011) stated that to develop the writing skill of a students’ it must be related to his or her attitude in writing , students must encourage to assure that their writing ability can be learn rather that they see it as a talent.
According to Harris (2000), information in the printed text does not give advance thinking. But sometimes it can be given at all, because most of the time it is created by the interaction of the readers and writers as the participants of the communication setting.
However, many academicians do not favor the wattpad as the developer of literature language because it can renounce the proper usage of grammar for the language of the masses, does not grant the basic grammar. (Chua, 2015; Lua 2016).
In addition Aric and Ungan (2012), stated that reading is a way of expressing feelings and thoughts that requires linguistic grammatical and reasonable thinking, while on the other side, writing is a mental activity that help the conscious and sub- conscious to be as one and unite.
In line with this, Espiritu (March 4, 2016), claim that in a certain country does not usually patronize the culture of reading and writing, the best way for that certain country to become successful in the field of arts, it must come from their student self-first to practice the culture of reading and writing.
On the other hand, Writing is a knowledge of arranging information in the intellectual dictionary and explaining in a logical order; it is successful in aspect of enticing ability of the narrative; and it is active in the sense of engaging writing with muscle movement. Kovkal, (2013).
Moreover, (Jones, Reutzel, and Fargo, 2010), writing is the primary component of language in students writing, they are using their thoughts and knowledge to combine the ideas to make a creative writing piece.
Therefore, students classify that writing skills is more difficult than the skills of listening and reading. (Berman and Cheng, 2010). In addition, Graham and Harvis (2000), believe that the ability of handwriting and the knowledge in spelling is one of the condition for the writer to develop to control their knowledge, feelings, and behavior that is needed to sustain the output of the text success.
Furthermore, Media communication technology and its fast development had a dramatic effect to the readers and fan of popular literature. (Lui, 2005; Pearson, 2011). The e-literature community is the biggest community on the web which allowing people to read and enjoy the story for free and they can create their own story through writing to share it online. Popescu, (2013).
In line with this, Jenkins, (2008), new technologies have the power to affect the reader’s perception in life that may result to extreme influence to their actions, the way they think and their interaction with people may change.
In addition, Biagi, (2005) wrote that in the modern period, the use of mass communication become a way of life of the people who exist this time. Biagi, (2005), added that in order to be link we need to be wireless.
Lastly, Landouni and Diaz, (2003), believe that electronic book has a part on the educational learning of the students. In fact the electronic learning most of the students found it easier to access information.
To support all the facts that the researcher formulate, Dadzie, (2008), stated that reading is a skills to know and to use document knowledge for personal growth and development to be the foundation of a good writing skill.


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