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Last updated: April 5, 2019

Ralph is the strong, persistent, kind, and fair chief of this tribe of children and adolescent boys. He was voted chief by his peers because his obvious drive to get them all rescued in a timely manner. He represents the persona. He is what any mature adult would find the best suited to lead these boys and restore order to the awaiting anarchy behind the unconscious of all of these pubescent boys.

He is easy for the children to identify as leader due to the standards set by society on leadership and the qualities a leader should have. He is the persona of civil society. He is what society would have any alien to earth view what society should be. Because he never falls from this grace and is persistent in creating a society that is like that from which they all came, he is undeniably a great representation of persona. Ralph also embodies the warrior archetype in his persistence with the rescue-fire mission and his drive to maintain order and general “good-doing”.

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