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Last updated: January 25, 2019

Radioactive or radiation word became widely known around the middle of the 20th century, after the atomic bombing of the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and we all have seen the consequences. The fact that radiation has a detrimental effect on human health is no longer a secret. When the radioactive radiation passes through the human body or when contaminated substances enter the body, the energy of the waves and particles is transferred to our tissues and from there to the cells. As a result of this there is change in the activities of cells. Everything depends on the radiation dose received, the state of human health and the duration of the exposure.For ionizing radiation, there are no barriers in the body to stop the radiations, so any molecule can be exposed to radioactive effects, the consequences of which can be very diverse. Excitation of individual atoms can lead to the exchange of some substances into others, causes biochemical shifts, genetic disorders, etc.

The defeat of individual groups of proteins in the cell can cause cancer, as well as genetic mutations, transmitted through several generations. The impact of small doses of radiation is very difficult to detect, because the effect of this is manifested in tens of years.Radiations affect the tissues of bone marrow, lungs, gastric mucosa, intestines and genitals actively. Irradiated people often suffer from cancer, sexual dysfunction – irradiated men often have erectile dysfunction (impotence) and prostate cancer, weak immunity for various diseases, loss of vision, there may be a violation metabolism and a whole range of diseases that are directly or indirectly affected by radiation exposure. People who have been in a zone with an increased radiation background should e checked regularly at the doctor and it’s important to analyze any observed abnormalities in their well-being.

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Even the smallest doses of irradiation cause irreversible genetic changes that are transmitted from generation to generation, lead to the development of Down’s syndrome, epilepsy, the appearance of other defects of mental and physical development. Particularly frightening is that food products and household items are also exposed to radiation contamination. The device that measures the level of radiation is called a dosimeter, this device is simply necessary for people living in regions with nuclear power plants in areas where there are or when there were any testing military ranges if there are things in the house when those who have been in radioactive zones, etc.

The dosimeter will help determine the level of radiation background in the house, apartment or on the street, as well as determine the source of radiation, if any, in your home.The effects of radiation on a person are highly dependent on the individual characteristics of the organism


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