RA3 – Unit 4 Promote effective communication and information handling in residential childcare setting.

Outcome 2 – Use communication methods and aids to meet the individual needs of children and young people.

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Reflective Account
*The young person’s name and date of birth have been changed to meet the young person’s confidentiality
Lyn Jacques25th October 2017
On the morning of the 25th October 2017 I was allocated to YP1. My arrangements for the day was to take YP1 on family contact which meant that I was to drive him to his family home for unsupervised overnight contact. These family contact arrangements are included in YP1’s Care Plan and Risk Assessments which sets out instructions to help guide and support the staff team that work with YP1.
YP1 and myself set out in the morning to assist contact with YP1′ mum. During the car journey YP1 was a little anxious about the contact due having recently began to speak to his mum over the phone and this contact was YP1’s first overnight contact.
In the car YP1 was able to listen to his own music which allows YP1 to relax. I noticed that YP1 was a little anxious and I recognised this due to his body language, so I felt that this was the right time to ask what was on his mind. YP1 at first shrugged his shoulders and continued to remain quiet. I then asked YP1 if he minded if we stopped off at the drive through McDonalds so that I could buy a drink. YP1 again shrugged his shoulders. We then drove to the nearest drive through McDonalds and I offered some refreshments and was taken up on my offer. I used this communication method to help YP1 relax and to take his mind off his worries.
We continued with our journey and YP1 began to open up to me and I listened to YP1’s fears and worries regarding his family contact. I reassured YP1 that if the contact was not going well and he wanted to return then I would be there for him and will collect him if this is what he wanted.
YP1 then began to speak about his father and spoke about wanting to see him. After further discussions about his father YP1 stated that he only wanted to see him so that he’d be able to have some tobacco off him. I asked YP1 if he would like to see his father for any other reason but YP1 refused to say anything further about his father.
We arrived at YP1’s family home and I offered to help him settle to provide some support but YP1 felt confident enough for me to not settle him. I greeted YP1’s mum and provided her with my contact details and informed both YP1 and his mum that I’ll be on the other end of the phone for any problems they may encounter.

Before I left YP1 with his mum, I asked YP1 if he would mind if I could write our conversation up as a Key Work session, YP1 was happy for me to write up the key work session for him to sign when he returns to the house.

This reflective account relates to the following standards:
Regulation 7 – The Children’s views, wishes and feelings standard
Regulation 9 – The enjoyment and achievement standard
Regulation 11 – The positive relationships standard
Regulation 14 – The care planning standard


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