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Question 1(a) Explain the purpose and the functions of HRM, applicable to workforce planning and resourcing an organization. Purpose of Human Resources Management• Human Resources Management is responsibilities for managing the people within an organization.• Human resources management is the development and implementation of system in an organization designed to attract, develop and retain a high-performing workforces.• Human resources management is to generate and retain the right quality and right quantity to contend the workforce in order to achieve the organizational goal.

• Essentially, the purpose of human resources management is to maximize the productivity of an organization and optimize the effectiveness of its employees.Function of Human Resources Managementi. Staffing• Staffing is the process of obtaining and maintaining the capable and competent employees in various positions at all level.• Staffing include planning, job analysis, recruitment, selection, hiring, induction.• Human resources planning include job design which planning the future personnel needs and deciding the job duties and responsibilities.• Job analysis include job description which described the performance standard, skill required and responsibilities towards the job whereas job specification describe the requirement of the person for a specific job such as experience, education qualification, skill and other.ii. Rewards• Reward system is design to encourage employee cooperation and commitment.

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• Practice include job evaluation, performance appraisal and benefits.• Compensation is to inspire the employees to give their best to the organization through intrinsic and extrinsic rewards.• Compensation include wages and salaries, incentive, bonus to employees.iii. Employee development• Employee development is the process of training to improve and change the skill, ability and knowledge of the employees.• It include employee training, employee development and career development.

• Training help the employee in acquiring better skill and performance for their job.• Employee development such as soft-skill training, communication training, technology training and other.iv. Employee maintenance• Employee maintenance is the process to retain and motivate the productive employees in the organization.

• Human resources management have to ensure the safety, health and welfare policy for the employee.• Such as medical, education, retirement, loan and canteen facilities and other• It is aim to increase the satisfaction levels of the employees.v.

Employee relations• It aim to deal with employees in the organizational context as a social group which contribute to the organization.• It include increase employee productivity, satisfaction of employee and build the skill of employees.• It help to maintain the good relationship between employer and employees.(b) Explain the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches to recruitment and selection. Recruitment• Recruitment is the process of finding and attract a pool of the capable candidate to join the organization.• It deter the unsuitable candidate from applying the job.• It also include internal and external sources for recruitment.

Strengths of recruitment• Internal recruitment is cheaper and quicker to recruit because there are no induction needed.• External recruitment can avoid inbreeding as larger pool of workers for which to find the best candidate.Weaknesses pf recruitment• Internal recruitment may face the problem of limit number of potential candidate, so it difficult to find the right candidate to handle the job.

• External recruitment may need more cost to make the advertisement and interview for the applicants, it may increase the expenses of the organization.Selection• Selection is the process of ascertaining the qualified experience, ability and skill to apply the job.• There have external and internal factor which will affecting the selection.• The method of selection such as interviews, tests and other.Strengths of selection• The manager can select the candidate in determine the experience and education for the position need so the right person can be select.• The selection test can help the manager to choose the people which fulfil the qualification towards the job.

• It also can minimize the cost for recruit the wrong person through the selection as the manager will choose the best candidate for the job.Weaknesses of selection• The manager may have discrimination of gender or religion for the candidate which will cause wrongly recruitment for the job.• It also take many time to identify and select the right candidate for the job and more time to waiting the respond from candidate.

• It also have possible to have the wrong selection as the interview only verbal and there have the chance for candidate to cheat when interview.(c) Assess how the functions of HRM can provide talents and skills appropriate to fulfil business objectives.Staffing Objective• Human resources department aim to ensure the business is fully staffed and able to fulfil the human resources need of an organization.

• The human resources department is responsible in to hiring, training, motivating and maintaining the employees in the organization.• It also important to recruit and job replacement the right person in the specific job to achieve the organization goal and objective.Performance Objective• Human resources department have to ensure all the human resources in the organization fully motivation and energetic to performance in their workforce.• Human resources manager also need to make sure the employees have maximize performance in their workforce by giving incentive, promotion and rewards.• Human resources department also can giving training to employees to increase their productivity, skill and talent on their current job.(d) Evaluate the strengths and weakness of different approaches to recruitment and selection.Internal recruitment• Internal recruitment that the job are given to the employees that already employed in the business.

• The strengths of internal recruitment are saving cost of training as the business already give the orientation and training towards the employees.• It also can increase the motivation of the employees through promotion for the employee to the high position.• The employees also can increase the loyalty with the organization as they have the chance to changing the position in certain period of time.• The weaknesses of internal recruitment are the employees may not have skill and knowledge in the workforce, it may cause difficult to find the suitable people to replace the job.• It also may create resentment among the employees and manager as manager will felt uncomfortable for losing the good team members.External recruitment• External recruitment is the method of hiring people from the outside of the organization.

• The strengths of external recruitment is it will give the new idea and new knowledge of technology to the organization which will able the organization to compete with their competitor.• It also create the opportunity to find the more experience, high qualified and more professional candidate that will help the organization meet diversity requirement.• The weaknesses of external disadvantages are decrease the employees’ morale as the current employees may feel less the chance of promotion in the organization.• New candidate may have limit understanding about the organization, it will cause them doing the thing conflict with the organization activities and mission.

Selection• Selection is the process to whereby the organization decided to make the job offer to the candidate and acceptance of the candidate.• The strengths of selection is the management may have more information to know the qualification of the candidate by giving the test such as psychometric test to know the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate• The weaknesses of selection is the management may wrongly select as there have the bias issue happening in selection process.(e) Critically evaluate the strengths and weakness of different approaches to recruitment and selection, supported by specific examples.• Munchy’s is the snack food manufacture which is established in 1991 in Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia.

• Munchy’s have many branch such as Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.• Munchy’s have many position such as branch manager, sales executive, human resources manager, secretory, financial executive, supply chain executive and other.• Recruitment process of Munchy’s will through Internet, newspaper and other.• They will posted the job vacancy with the job description and requirement need for the job.• If the candidate interest towards the job, they will need the personal information and ask the question to know the suitable position for the candidate.• For example, a candidate apply the marketing people, they may require the candidate to have the good communication skill and negotiation skill.

• Munchy’s also provide some benefit to attract the candidate such as medical, dental and sport.• Manchy’s also provide staff training and development programmes to their employees to improve their skill and knowledge and maximum their personal and professional growth.• Munchy’s sometime will use internal recruitment by giving the promotion for the employees to the higher position.• But it is also got weakness when recruit the no qualified candidate as the candidate lie and cheat in the interview process that cause the management felt the candidate is suitable for the job.Lastly, Munchy’s might important the external recruitment because the employees require more experience and high qualified in


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