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Question 1 This section discusses the human rights of workers making footballs that Bala Sports should measure. According to the UN Declaration of Human Rights, Bala Sports has raised £80,000 from supporters who in return receive the organization membership and the right to vote to the business in the future. According to the case study, the time is right to change the entire way football is run (Jones, 2017)1. Therefore, Bala sports demonstrate the evaluation of the game ethics.

It is identified that Bala Sport measures the human rights of the employees making footballs. The rights from the UN Declaration of Human Rights are relevant to the Bala Sport because if the man is not compelled to recourse to rebellion against the oppression because this demonstrates that human rights should be protected by the law rule (promotion of the universal respect shows fundamental freedoms and human rights (Jones, 2017)2. Also, it is relevant because the worth and dignity of the human person shows the equal rights of the men and women and have determined that they can be able to promote the social progress and make their standards better for the life in larger freedom. On the other hand, it is identified that member states have pledged themselves to accomplish with the United Nations where the promotion of the universal respect shows fundamental freedoms and human rights (Jones, 2017)3. It is examined that rights from the UN Declaration of Human Rights are relevant to the Bala Sport because there is a common understanding of freedoms and rights which shows the importance for the realization of this pledge. According to the case, rights from the UN Declaration of Human Rights are relevant to the Bala Sport include that all human beings are born free and equal in rights and dignity.

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They are endowed with conscience and reasons and should act towards each other in a brotherhood spirit (Jones, 2017)4. It can be said that rights from the UN Declaration of Human Rights are relevant to the Bala Sport because Article 2 revealed that everyone is entitled to all the rights set forth in this Declaration such as sex, colour, language, religion, opinion, political, social origin, birth, status or property. Hence, it can be said that there should be no distinction that shall be made on the basis of international, political or jurisdictional status of the territory or country to which individual belongs whether the individual is trustable, independent or non-self-governing under the limitation of sovereignty. I think that Bala Sports should measure Human Rights of the workers making its football. The article 8 and article 7 rights are the two rights relevant to the Bala sports (Jones, 2017)5.Question 2 One of the human rights selected in the previous question is from the article 8 which shows that everyone that has the right to the remedy for acts by the competent national tribunals violate the fundamental rights granted him by the law or constitution. The Kants theory of moral duty provide the importance for ethical and moral theory and ask the person to measure what is actually known as Kant’s categorical imperative. There is a fundamental position in Kants theory of moral duty which means that individual who hold basic accountability treat human beings as ends and not as the means to the end.

The rise of the short term contract worker raises some of the human rights concerns. While concerning ethical theory explicitly to the Human Right, several workers noticed that their eyes had started to sting and water where there is a chemical leak sign. According to the Kants theory of moral duty, the workers had to decide when they want to go to canteen for their tea break and should address the leak afterwards. Majority of the health and safety legislation in UK demonstrate the rights of the legislation for its workers that comes from European Union. This might enable the worker for the free movement of labor and free trade across the member states and its borders (Jones, 2017)6.According to the ethical theory that explicitly explain about human rights of the workers, legislation favor workers where big business not always is as favorable to the small and medium sized businesses for the practitioners who try to do the right thing.

Also, according to the Kants theory of moral duty, zero-hour contracts mean that employees do not even receive the benefits as other staff due to which they are not used as temporary workers. They are told as short notice whether it will be required to work or not. According to the ethical theory, immigrant workers in dangerous situations are transported on the promise of better life abroad referred to as ‘snakeheads’ by predatory criminal gangs.

The employees were understood to have been paid in Morecambe Bay for less than £1 an hour (Jones, 2017)7.Question 3 This section reveals the effects of globalization on Bala Sports which demonstrates that Bala Sports has been radically globalized during the period of time. The globalization has affected across political relations, economy, popular culture and people all over the planet. According to the case, the some of the trends in the case seems to be general but there are diverse industries that have different reactions to the economy.

Hence, for the Bala Sports, it is dealing with the globalization to the next level from marketing standpoints. This means when the fans get to see their favorite teams, they connect in an automatic way with the company to sponsor it on the sports. On the other hand, it is also identified that globalization is not only impacting the Bala Sports but also individual sports is very much concerned in this case study (Jones, 2017)8.

Also, according to the case study, it is identified that there are various matches of the Bala Sports that started to take place in European cities. The professional hockey players are joining the teams in the time among the seasons. The globalization has been limited in the Bala Sports where American sports leagues have added that Bala Sports expanded its games to the United States. Majority of the companies proceed to the direct investment in the sporting industry where new production methods are switching in and out in the Bala sports (Jones, 2017)9. Hence, it can be said that globalization is increasing with national economies. This means that Bala sports is either the international business and is potentially an international business where the company thinks more ways to connect to those consumers who help them to grow their business. It can be said that market diversification will continue and increase the business from the global perspective which is essential for the survival and achievement of the company (Jones, 2017)10.

Question 4 Bala Sport, like most other firms selling footballs, is sourcing its products from the Sialkot area in Pakistan, rather than buying them from a manufacturer in the UK or making them itself. This has both advantages and potential disadvantages for the company include customer loyalty, program consistency, new expertise, merchandising considerations and financial considerations. According to the Bala Sports, the advantage of sourcing supplies is to allow organization to hire expertise which infuses new kind of energy into the company. Bala sport can hire managers that complement the programs with particular skills in place.

Outsourcing the positions allows the company to cater to the particular target markets in a flexible way. According to the case, it is identified that sourcing supplies in the Bala sports have several municipal parks and recreation along with schools that outsource their sports programs and permits them to make the tight budgets as they get cut of the ticket sales and registration fees (Jones, 2017)11. Also, it can be said that the sourcing supplies allows Bala sports to offer wide variety of programs that can be made accountable for referees and subcontracting coaches. It can be said that when Bala sports outsources its positions, it make the decisions regarding its merchandise sales. This means the organization need to ensure that they have promotion and marketing skills that need to move sports equipment in a better way.

This means that Bala sports maintain their awareness of socio-political events which might help them determine how to take vote members for their own interests. Also, one of the biggest disadvantages of sourcing supplies is the risk of losing the sensitive data and the loss of confidentiality. The control of the management and losing the business functions means that Bala sports may not be longer and be able to control the deliverables and operations of the activities that the organization outsources (Jones, 2017)12. ReferenceJones,S.O.

(2017). B100 An introduction to business and management. The Open University, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes MK7 6AA. First published 2015.

Second edition 2017. Copyright © 2017 The Open University.


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