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Last updated: February 20, 2019

Question #1: Why do you send plaintext emails? HTML emails allow for images, more formatting options, and better tracking.I use plaintext emails for one major reason: accessibility.Plaintext emails will render properly regardless of which email tool or browser people use.A lot of campers are visually impaired or completely blind. They rely on screen readers so that they can listen to the contents of the email. Plaintext emails work best with screen readers.

A lot of campers are in parts of the world where internet access is limited or prohibitively expensive. Plaintext emails are very data efficient?—?often only a few kilobytes.Question #2: If you’re busy running the freeCodeCamp.

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org community, how do you find time to read/watch/listen to all of these resources?I spend a lot of time reading. Aside from playing with my kids, it’s my main hobby.I listen to podcasts and watch videos on 2x speed, which saves time.

And I usually do this when I go for runs each morning?—?during which I wouldn’t be able to work, anyway.Also, a lot of the resources I share are created by developers within the freeCodeCamp community, and I get to help edit many of them myself.Question #3: I’ve heard about your emails, but how can I sign up to start receiving it each week?Go to and create an account real quick.

All we ask for is your email address. Then you’ll start getting my weekly emails.An archive of my past emails (in reverse chronological order)February 8, 20181.

Here are 330 Ivy League courses you can take online right now for free (browseable list): 3 years ago I was just a 30-something teacher coding in his closet. But yesterday, the IRS granted freeCodeCamp Tax Exempt status. And freeCodeCamp is now a public charity. As a result, every donation you’ve ever made to freeCodeCamp is now tax deductible. Here’s what all this means for you and for the global freeCodeCamp community (3 minute read):

If you’re considering freelancing or creating a startup, this is a must-watch. My friend Luke Ciciliano?—?who does freelance web development for law firms?—?will walk you through the best way to set up your US business for tax purposes (21 minute watch): Elvis was “just a village boy from Nigeria who had nothing but a dream and a Nokia J2ME feature phone.” Today, he’s a 19 year old Android developer who has worked on over 50 apps and currently works for an MIT startup. On this week’s episode of the freeCodeCamp Podcast, I tell his inspiring story of how he built apps using nothing more than his feature phone (15 minute listen): 31, 20181. Learn how you can code your own chat room app using React, Redux, Redux-Saga, and Web Sockets in this free in-depth YouTube tutorial (85 minute watch): https://www. How to manage your taxes as a freelance developer or startup (7 minute read):

Want to build apps using blockchain and smart contracts? This in-depth guide will help you get started (21 minute read): Here are 440 free online programming and computer science courses you can start in February (browsable list): 25, 20181.

My friend just launched a free full-length CSS Flexbox course where you can build responsive websites interactively in your browser (5 minute read): A 5-minute intro to Color Theory: how to combine colors and set the mood of your designs (5 minute read): https://fcc.

im/2nasXe62. How you can build your own VR headset for $100 (3 minute read): 5 years ago, Ken was a college dropout who woke up every day at 4 a.m.

to drive a forklift. He taught himself to code and kick-started his career by convincing a local web development company to hire him. In this week’s episode of The freeCodeCamp Podcast, Ken shares his advice on how to go from a hobbyist to a professional developer (15 minute listen, also on iTunes and Google Play): 18, 20181. These CSS naming tips will save you hours of debugging (7 minute read):

CSS Flexbox basics explained in just 5 minutes (5 minute read): We just published a free video course on how to build your own iOS flashcard app using React Native, from setup to animations. All four videos are now live on freeCodeCamp’s YouTube channel (4 hour watch in total): How not to bomb your job offer negotiation: part two of Haseeb Qureshi’s tips that helped him negotiate a $250,000 starting package when he got his first developer job at Airbnb. This episode of The freeCodeCamp Podcast can help you increase your starting salary by thousands of dollars (34 minute listen, also on iTunes and Google Play): https://fcc.

im/2rk69OwJanuary 11, 20181. Here are some stories from 300 developers who got their first tech job in their 30s, 40s, and 50s (4 minute read):

HTTPS explained with carrier pigeons (5 minute read): How we recreated Amazon Go in 36 hours (7 minute read): If you’re actively looking for a developer job in the new year, this is a must-listen. Hasseeb Qureshi is famous for negotiating a $250,000 starting compensation package when he accepted his first developer job at Airbnb in San Francisco.

In this new episode of the freeCodeCamp Podcast, Hasseeb shares negotiation tips you can use to increase your starting salary by thousands?—?and in some cases?—?tens of thousands of dollars (27 minute listen, also on iTunes and Google Play): 4, 20181. Some lessons I learned from 7 self-taught coders who now work as professional software developers (6 minute read):

Don’t do it at runtime. Do it at design time (4 minute read): Next Level Accessibility: 5 ways Scott made the freeCodeCamp Guide more usable for people with disabilities (7 minute read): Here are 600 free online programming and computer science courses you can start in January (browsable list): 28, 2017Here are this week’s three links that are worth your time:


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