Question 1: For my group, the main areas on which I have to work are finding issues on misleading information by small to medium enterprises. My topic is on misleading advertising on UGG boots which is becoming a major concern since the Chinese made boots are being advertised as Australian made to attract more customers.
I will also contribute partly on the methodology and working with another team member, Ying, on the introduction and executive summary.

Question 2: One member, Ying, is working on the section 7.1 which we have as subtitle: Lack of formal ethical code of conduct, the second one, Maria, is working on Frauds, the third one, Phuishan, is working on Ethical dilemma and our fourth member, Danie, still have to come up with an issue. All of our team members will contribute on the methodology and Maria and Phuishan will be working on conclusion and recommendation while Danie will put all our research in a logical manner to create a flow between paragraphs.
As a group, we will screen the whole report and trying to make changes where necessary to get the best result.
Question 3: Increased productivity and performance: – groups that work well together can achieve much more than individuals working on their own. A broader range of skills can be applied to practical activities and sharing and discussing ideas can play a pivotal role in deepening your understanding of a particular subject area.
Skills development: being part of a team will help you develop our interpersonal skills such as speaking and listening as well as team working skills such as leadership, and working with and motivating others. Some of these skills will be useful throughout our academic career and all are valued by employers.
Question 4: I have built basic project management skills. As a team member, I worked together with them towards one direction and polish our management skills. We had deadlines which helped me to undertake responsibility for the welfare of the project.
I built up my interpersonal skills which encloses team communications, document reviews, code reviews, and related interactions about project deliverables.
More importantly I developed conflict resolution skill. Working as a team, there are lots of issues that arise which include team not producing their work by deadline or they want to change their allocated sub-topic. With the help of my team I was able to find solution to overcome these issues by careful listening to other team member issues and helping them in allocation of tasks which they are willing to work on to achieve the best result.
(Kelly, 2018)
Question 5: One of the main strategies is identifying the objective. To function cohesively as team, everyone needs to clearly understand the team objectives. Having a goal set, the team will have a direction and work cooperatively needs achieve the goal by the end of the deadline.
Secondly, communication is a key in successful team building. As team members we should encourage regular communicate with each other. We developed methods to aid in our communication; such as setting up email lists that the members of the team can use to communicate with ease and by Google documents where everyone can see the progress and give frequent feedback on others work.
Thirdly we have promoted the development of cohesive teams by encouraging them to give feedback on the functioning of the other members. People learn through this feedback and can easily do modification within the team; they can act quickly and keep their teams functioning well. (, 2018)

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