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Quality control is important as if there’s extra drug in a tablet or something it can cause an accidental overdose, which is blamed on the manufacturer, or if there’s less and the drug isn’t effective the manufacturer can get sued either way, so it must be enough to tackle the disease but not causing an overdose. Quality control is important especially when using radiopharmaceuticals because unwanted radionucleotide may cause harm to the patient. Modern medicines for human use are required to meet standards which relate to their Quality safety.

There should be steps/procedures taken to ensure a pure batch with perfect composition ensuring its not harmful and okay these should be consistent batches.Titrations are done differently in industry as they need to minimise as much errors so the do not be sued and there’s always human error and there’s other ways to maximise profit, with less errors and with more accuracy, also can be more time efficient as you need a big scale to produce and machines is quicker. Machines (automated) are used for example: -AB Controls Tix, a robotic titration station -The Labfit AS-3000 Automated Acid Base Titration Equipment for High Precision Titration Analysis -Titration system with automatic sample changer SI Analytics TitroLine alpha plus.The main difference between industrial and a lab titration is the standard solution and the steps.

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In industry, it doesn’t need supervision as machines are involved, in labs a staff needs to check and watch how your doing. Machines can read quickly and record the results from the end. In labs most of the analysis is decided by the person doing it, maybe with little experience, which has errors. Labs may have lower class glassware (Volumetric flasks, pipette, etc.). While industries use class A glassware that is expensive, but more accurate.

Equipment’s like automatic titrator used by manufactures can take weight it from a balance, do a precise titration and upload the solution to a computer or data logger or point out the solution that removes data interference and errors.Titrations Carried Out in IndustryStudents can’t make standard solutions that are highly concentrated, so they make a dilute version. In industry its more to do with automated titrations machines calculating the formula and the moles etc, as well as recording the result accurately and carrying it out efficiently and accurately. A lot more time is saved as this way many can be carried on without waiting.

1) The automated system retrieves a sample tube from the rack and transfers it to a balance where the weight is recorded. 2) The sample tube is placed in a de-caping station and the tube cap is removed. 3) The sample is dispensed into the titration cell.

Titration is initiated. 4) The sample tube is re-caped and re-weighed. The actual sample mass is determined, and the sample tube is disposed.

5) Titration result is returned, and the titration cell is cleaned if necessary (after some predetermined number of samples have been analyzed). 6) The cycle repeats from step (2).Difference between titration done in industry and collegeDifferent manufacturers use titration for quality control. In labs, the titration being done by us, while industries mostly use machines. Its programmed to measure quality of the solution and the machines make sure of it. Machines like the Karl Fischer auto titrator can be made to measure the content of water in a solution.

The method is accurate, efficient, and it needs little maintenance.How Are Standard Solutions And Titrations Prepared in Industry?Titrations in labs are done by someone by using burets. The only change is that industry carries out many titrations analyses. In the lab it is simplified and automated. It is easier to calculate as the volume of titration is put into an Excel spreadsheet, and sends an answer instantly. After each titration the burette is automatically zeroed and refilled.

Its to save time and efficiency.


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