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Last updated: March 16, 2019

Q3. Are Singaporean youths materialistic?

Materialism is defined as the tendency to consider material possession as more important than values. Are Singaporean youths materialistic? Well, the answer is sadly a yes. The prevailing reality is that our society places much more emphasis on what you own rather than who you are, and this causes Singaporeans to inevitably become more concerned about their own possessions. This burning desire to own more and more material goods is the driving force behind one’s endless pursuit for material gains, which erodes one’s moral values and character in the process. Many youths are blinded by branded bags or the latest and most stylish clothings that they lose sight of the values that were instilled in them since young. As a result, majority of Singaporean youths become extremely materialistic, without themselves even realising.

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Firstly, Singaporean youths develop the mindset of “the more the better” since young, and they are taught to place much significance on material possessions. Since young, many parents allow their children to indulge in the most expensive toys, and they give in to their child’s every request. Princess dolls, model aeroplanes or lego sets, these are just some of the many toys that parents excessively buy for their children. However, while parents shower their children with such fancy, state-of-the-art toys, they do not actually spend quality time with their children to inculcate precious values in them, claiming that they are too busy to do so. In addition, some parents throw extravagant, lavish birthday parties for their children, spending hundreds of dollars buying themed goodies bags, cakes, and gifts for their guests. When parents spoil their children by giving them all the toys that they want, it causes the children to develop a belief that these toys and material possessions are the most important in their lives, and that they can only be happy if they own more and more of these toys. As a result, they grow up with the mindset that they should fight for material goods at all costs in order to be happy, even if it means going against their conscience and disregarding their moral values. Hence, Singaporean youth are trapped in the perpetual pursuit for material possession due to the mindset that they had developed since young, which proves how Singaporean youths are indeed materialistic.

Furthermore, Singaporean youths are easily subjected to the influence of social media, or even their peers to place great emphasis on material possessions and money over values. Social media is a large part of teenagers’ lives these days, and a typical teenager would have many social media accounts across the various platforms. Thus, they would be constantly exposed to the glorification of material belongings on social media posts by their peers, which has a huge impact on their way of thinking


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