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Last updated: March 3, 2019

Q1) What is the role of ethics in communication? Discuss its significance and dilemmas in detail.ROLE OF ETHICS IN COMMUNICATIOnETHICAL COMMUNICATION : It is a type of communication which involves ethics and is done keeping these in regard i.e, a system of morals and values relating to human conduct, with respect to rightness and wrongness of certain actions and to goodness and badness of motives and actions.

These maintains a kind of truthfulness and sincerity in the communication and all the information is given correctly.Since these are not deceptive in any way so these completely maintain the quality of communication.These are used in a communication to avoid any type of language which manipulates ,discriminates and exaggerates.These maintain a finite gap and difference between positive and negative information which is been given.Ethical dilemmas in communication(1) Secrecy(2)Whistle-blowing(3)Leaks(4)Rumour and gossip(5)Lying(6)AmbiguitySIGNIFICANCE OF ETHICS IN COMMUNICATIONThese impart truthfulness, accuracy, honesty and reason in communication.Ethics endorse freedom of expression, diversity of perspective and tolerance of dissent to achieve informed and responsible decision making.These make us learn and respect other communicators responding to their messages.Ethics make it possible to condemn communication that degrades individuals and humanity through distortion, intolerance, intimidation, coercion, hatred, and violence.

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Q2. Draft a Public Notice for the newspaper informing about the shifting of your bank premises from the present to a new location. Invent all the necessary details. STATE BANK OF INDIA KHARAR,MOHALI26 November 2018 NOTICE shifting of your bank premises.We will be re-locating our Karar Road Branch Mohali from its current location of 92/7 kharar Road to the following new location with effect from 10 December 2018, The New address is mentioned below:-State bank of india45/2 main,Sector-35,ChandigarhTelephone Number:8745xxxxxxxIn case of any future queries please contact above mention telephone number.R.

K SharmaBank manager,State bank of india.Q3. As the Purchase Manager of R. K. Engg.

Company, Mumbai, you had sent an order for 15 scanners to National Systems Ltd., Delhi, but you received only 12 scanners on delivery. Write a letter to the G. M. (Sales and Marketing) of NSL making a complaint and asking him to send the remaining three scanners.R.

K. Engg. Company,Mumbai 20462526 november 2018G. M.

(Sales and Marketing)National Systems Ltd., Delhi 463567Dear Sir/Madam,Subject:Complaint for missing products.I am writing to make a complaint about I had placed an order for 15 scanners (model:390SRV,Laser printer,colour:black) to your company on 10 November 2018.As I had sent an order for 15 scanners to your company, but I received only 12 scanners on delivery.As your company has a reputation for quality and reliability.I am sure that this is only chance happening.I would be greatful if you send the remaining three scanners in same model,size and colour as soon as possible.

I look forward to your reply and a resolution to my problem.Sincerely,Purchase Manager,R. K. Engg. Company,MumbaiEncl:copy of bill


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