As the local government looks for ways to progress the quality of special educational services and embrace the importance of the varying levels of special needs, I write proposing an improvement in career options in the classroom, through that of the school based Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP). The classroom teacher does a remarkable job managing, controlling, organizing and identifying differing level of student ability daily with the many challenges of keeping a balance. When faced with the inclusion of the child with special needs support from another profession would further complement and complete the teacher’s task. The collaboration with another professional helps to shape the life and future of the students which teachers engage daily.
As suggested by the writers in “Helping Children with Communication Disorder in Schools by the American Speech and Language Association (ASHA) –
“Speech-language pathology services can help children become successful communicators, problem-solvers and decision-makers. As a result of services such as memory retraining, cognitive reorganization, language enhancement, and efforts to improve abstract thinking, children can benefit from a more successful and satisfying educational experience as well as improved peer relationships. The services that speech-language pathologists provide can help children overcome their disabilities, achieve pride and self-esteem, and find meaningful roles in their lives.”

As defined by Smith 1998 General Education suggests it is “A typical classroom and curriculum designed to serve students without disabilities also referred to as regular education” (Smith, 1998, p.564).It is the standard classroom educational program delivered to non disabled students based on educational policies.
Noll 2004 describes that Inclusion- Or “mainstreaming,” resides “” (Noll, 2004, p.251). It is a process of attending and responding to the varied needs of learners in the classroom through changes and modification and constant interactions.
School-based- a descriptive name to specify the classification of personnel employed in learning environments. The term is also used to indicate the level of management and operational decisions.
Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP)-is the preferred label given to a person who treats language and speech impairments Black1964 suggests “desired title for individuals employed in the profession although some hold the belief that the title represents the medical aspect of the profession” (Black, 1964, p. 2). The SLP’s job daily entails observing, detecting, diagnosing and prescribing needed remediation to persons with speech and language impairments.
Special educational services are particular aide and assistance give to person with a disability governed by specific policies.
Primary School; a school setting in which children from age five to twelve receive formal classroom instruction. ?

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The parameter of this study will be limited to elementary school teachers and parents. The teachers are all positioned to classes in differing primary schools, who have had interaction with students with different levels of communication issues. This study will address matters of speech and language not audiology.
There are other therapists that can be incorporated in a school setting- occupational and physical therapist, these can be research at another time.


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