Topic: Entertainment & Media

Last updated: January 8, 2020

Public Relations and Communications Managers create and promote a favourable public image for the organisation, its employees and clients they represent. They create media releases to generate and increase awareness of the organisation’s goals and objectives. They design and develop public relations strategies within the organisation. They have strong spoken and written communication skills, leadership and interpersonal skills, extensive knowledge of products and services and be able to represent the organisation as a competent, professional and ethical spokesperson. Knowledge of social media is essential enabling communicating through various social media platforms. They are also expected to remain current on business news and developments locally and internationally.

Education level requirements: Bachelor degree in business, public relations, journalism or related field.Additional requirements: Minimum 5 years related work experience, internship or communications experience.Corporate business attire is a requirement and will be provided A company vehicle with a fuel card will be provided as a job prerequisite and may be used for official use onlySalary Scale: AU$51,362 – AU$125,714 (, 2018)?

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