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Psycho Social Problems in Banking Sector Saqib Hussain Roll # 001 (Semester 3rd) Department of Commerce (Econometric) Email : saqibhussain9119@gmail.

comkeywords:Psychological, Mental and social problems Upon Banking SectorAbstract : Psychological and socio problems always involved in mostly work place. Occupational stress is related to those people who face work pressures and they are not matched to their knowledge into there abilities. This study is related to stress problems among private and n nationalize banks . The stress among private sector is greater then the stress of nationalized banks or organizations . private sector’s employs face numerous problems .

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That is normal that the stress factor is universal element it involved the job pressure ,inadequate working hours or less time to family etc. Introduction :A rapid expansion of private banks in Pakistan taken place very fast in recent years banks involved a important role in economy of any country there are number of employees In banking sector in banking sector they face all type of working environment both the internal and external changing in different places the environment of an organization effect to the employees work and profession the employees of organization like banks are facing number of problems and difficulties in there job its related to person physical and emotional factors also , job stress is a problem about one third of worker in every place employees face new challenges in every time. The stress reduce the capacity of worker also so organization or government should think about that matter for our better future and also for the lives of people . Banking sectors in Pakistan :In Pakistan, in the past decade, like streets, every street seems to be becoming new banks and their branches are opened.

Apparently, this process also shows a lot of jobs being found by people, and a better job is also seen, namely, sitting on the chair in AC is to work. But reality is far more disturbing and millions of workers working in these banks suffer from countless problems. On this issue, when workers of the worker discussed the situation of working in banks in the bank, they found that working workers in the banking sector in Pakistan are suffering from extreme cruelty and exploitation.Working hours in the banks begin at 8:00 AM and a long-term non-stop banking system, the bank employees have to work continuously till 5:30 pm, during which I have to eat them.

Time does not get too Apparently, employees do not have the ban to eat food, but because the banks do not close the door, the consumers are constantly tied up and leaving their place is truly impossible. Initially these times were up to four o’clock but the time has passed as well as 5:30 pm. This is not the time for Public Dealing. Then bank employees have to work more than two and a half hours.

And now, the bank owners are preparing to take this oppression and exploitation to the next step, and in some branches the public-deling hours have been made at midnight by midnight. These branches can be enforced on other branches after accustoming employees to those times. That means employees work in the morning from eight o’clock to the night at 8:00 pm, and then after going to the house at 10:30 pm after closing forty-two.There are also some branches which are restricted to work on Sunday without any change in salary, in which if the talk is done in Lahore, the MCB Mall Road and Amaparam Mall, Johor Town are included. Also, it is not surprising to call employees of any bank at no cost time for the special duty of the special duty. Furthermore, if someone wants to raise his voice against this oppression, he is immediately released from a job. The real reason for the work of these non-human work is the last shaped downloading.

Since 1997, the number of staff in the banking sector has been reduced to one-thirds, where twenty-four people work there today, eight people are working.Further questions from the Varanasi representatives found that even in the case of salaries, the situation in banking sector is very bad. A salary of ten workers working for ten to twelve hours is 177,000, even a monthly salary of the Operation Manager is between 23,000 to 27 thousand and all the employees below the office include office boom, cleaner etc. Third party contractor Are kept through and not permanent employees. The salaries of employees placed on the contract are ten to twelve thousand.

While majority of the bank employees are not given any allowance, overtime, bonus or pension, sales staff, which are paid bonuses in addition to salaries, and salaries are eight to nine thousand. Bank employees are not given any medical fees but only discount for the most dangerous diseases. There is a formal holiday opportunity for bank employees, but it is a very difficult step to get these holidays. Apart from all these problems, behavior of high officials with employees is extremely insulting.During a conversation, an extremely violent incident was reported that no media channel or newspaper was released. A few months ago, all the bank managers were gathered in Pindi, Islamabad Region of Habib Bank Limited who could not get their target.

All these managers were taken to the streets of Margalla and were asked to climb. One of these managers admitted that they have a problem of heart and the doctor has not been able to climb up, but during his listening and noting, he lost his life. Today the banking sector is making new stories of cruelty.The conditions of banking sector were not always like that. The privatization of the banks in the ninety nine has given employees of this sector to this stage.

In the past, large number of major banks of Pakistan had banked, but by law enforcement in Musharraf’s era, the right was taken away from them and bank employees diminished and weakened in front of the investment. On one hand, we look at the privatization as a disgrace for the banking employees, it is not less than a paradise for bank owners. The banking sector is currently ranked among the most profitable sectors. After the privatization of banks, the lives of the employees associated with this sector have become wasted but the profits of bank owners are increasing.

Today, all the workers will have to fight a continuous fight against privatization and labor-oriented policies for the future of themselves and their generations and there is no chance to give rulers the chance to win. Today, employees of the banking sector need to fight a fight on a class basis, united and organized to remove deprivations. What is psycho and socio problems:In the present period, there is a lot of psychological problems in the country. Depression, disorder and strokes are such psychological problems that we usually say in the tone.

Feel sadness, do not feel hurt in any work, heart attack and selfishness is a common tendency in our society. There are signs of irritation, panic, heart disease, and irritation. This year, every social class in Pakistan appears to be psychological problems. And, over time, its situation is going to get complicated. Often responsible for these psychological problems have appeared in our case and social evils. Psychological issues are in every age of people in every class. Including children, especially the tendencies of depression and psychological problems are increasing.

In comparison to other countries, the rate of psychological problems is very high in us and one reason is that we have a list of problems too long. We are engaged in the economic problems and the wrong practices in the society. At the same time, our combined family system is also slowly straining. Instead of love and love in people, money is more important. One reason for increasing psychological disorders is inflation and economic conditions. In today’s circumstances, it is difficult to spend the house in the earnings of an individual, and if there is an accident with this kind of accident, then the whole family goes to depression. Sometimes parents themselves kill their children by eliminating themselves who are in despair.

According to the current research, the rate of psychiatric accidents in children has increased, due to its major reason, the paradigm of parents and unacceptable restrictions on the children and stress also depress children. When children do not meet the expectations of their parents, they either suffer from severe depression or take the path of suicide. Parents need to create a friendly environment between themselves and the children and make their children aware about their children so that their children do not suffer any depression.

There are three major ways to solve psychological problems. There is a medical treatment, counseling therapy and social treatment. But sadly, instead of understanding the problems of our children, it is considered to be infidelity and anti-childhood, and the life of children is further narrowed, which leads to misery and misconduct towards the behavior of children. social issues:At the time of life, we are spending nights, indeed, it is a materially developed era. The facilities that were not even ancient, kings and big investors of ancient times are a common man today. But the denial of this fact is not possible, as well as many conflicts, psychological diseases and social problems. Psychiatrists say social and economic problems often cause mental illnesses and psychological complications. As social behavior will be positive and social as well, it will also get rid of these diseases.

People living in society are also suffering from mental stress and stress. To solve these problems, all sections of the community need to play an important role. Some problems arise due to the misconceptions of government policies or unreasonable behavior, the injustices of the courts or the wrong decisions and the class system education or the ignorance. In many cases, even diseases on morality and genetic behavior occur in breeding. This situation in each country and society can be reviewed in its contextual circumstances. People in general countries are generally prosperous, but most people still suffer from psychological illnesses.

Due to this, the use of religion, alcohol, alcohol, unusual life, and non-national use of social and social media. It has been observed that mental stress, harm of others, or killing of others Becomes it Despite being financially prosperous in Asia, many Asian looks depression and tension. Most parents are frustrated and worried about their children. The proportion of divorce and other psychological conflicts are also caused by psychological illnesses. When they go to the doctor, they test various diseases and medicines by examining mental illnesses. These medicines often do not prove to be materialistic and physical. The need is to find a solution to the problems of society in society that cause these diseases.

When talking about this topic, most of the people criticize most of the criticisms of the West. According to our observations and interests, we should concentrate on the feelings and trends of our responsibilities more than criticizing or accusing Western society. As much as religious and social freedom is in the west, we do not even find in Muslim countries.

The question is that what can be the pride of children’s marriage with all Islamic and non-Islamic customs on the Agarian style, then what obstacles to train them from childhood on Islamic style? Similarly, the marriage of children without the will of the children, also causes problems in families. Over time, even mental stress leads to psychological disorders. Although Islamic teachings are strong against force, whether one is to bring Islam to disbelief or to associate in marriage. Islam teaches the intellectual freedom and religious respect to the people living in the society. Shortly, many of our problems are a cure of Islamic lifestyle. If an Asian society is seen, then a major part of the problems is also of Arbab power.

There was a time that newspapers used to know about crime. But badly, now a regular page has been allocated in every newspaper’s news of crime reports. They have a lot of stealing chicks, raps, massacre and maritime news. The same news that is broadcast on electronic media is also the same way. Those who committed these crimes would be psychological or not, but at times, such people read and read such stories and get to know some extent.

According to a survey, millions of Pakistani depression, tension and anguish are in fear. This situation is pushing towards the use of drugs, heroin, herbs, alcohol and other types of drugs. The National Treasury is also spending billions of rupees on treating treating people of such drug addiction, which is a momentary moment for us all. In such anxiety situation, it is imperative that Arbab power, political leaders and activists play their role in improving the peace and prosperity of economic and social conditions. Instead of promoting personalities, be encouraged to strengthen the institutions. Stand together with each other to accomplish the completion of development projects.

Do not let these plans look like politics. There is no doubt that the computer is the most important tool for this era. Today, without the Internet, the name of the computer remains stubborn. It has many benefits on which large quantities of books were written.

But the negative aspects of its use should not be ignored. His unique and non-parallel use created many mental illnesses. Several home quarters and several riots took place. According to a report on Asia, forty-four percent of the Internet suffer from mental and psychological illnesses. Not only young boys and girls, but also the number of married people could not be affected. In addition, cyber crime has become a permanent law.

Similar frauds cause financial and social harmony and mental illnesses. The need for understanding is to focus on the correct nature by examining the real causes of these diseases. Otherwise, this situation laps society and laps like a duke. Salary or Economy Issue Upon Bank Employees : Who is worried about the working day of work? Every day life becomes expensive and death cheaper. On the other hand, the ruling classes live in the life created by the workers of the workers and the sweat.

When laborers struggle to increase their wages, they go to nausea and gooseberry, and the bourgeois media screams screaming and saying that they do not work. The fact is that the working hours in the last 68 years have increased continuously in the car and in the society more wealth is generated than before, but due to unfair distribution of labor, the workers’ acceleration increases and the wealth of rulers.At present, the minimum wage of eight hours declared officially declared in pakistan is 12 thousand rupees monthly, while most of the private institutions are 6 thousand rupees monthly or less forced to work hard. On the other hand eight hours work has become a dream in private institutions, and most of the institutions have 12 hours a day.

The wages of investors are the wages of John’s work and due to general fall of trade union, they are forced to work on very low wages in extremely unsafe situations. There is a lot of accidents every month in a multicultural company like Cococola, which also causes hard work injuries and also kills. In such a way, the fact that the other factories and factories of the factories and the corporations give us a heartbeat, in which we see events like Karachi City Factory in Karachi. Bonus on profit has become a parliament, while registering a union in an industrial institution can prove to be a laborer, the investors’ profits increase by the low wages of workers and the security and other issues. have been.There is no real figure of unemployment rate in Pakistan, which is a proof of failure of this falling state, but an estimated 3 million unemployed people are present. Officially women’s domestic women have also been terminated as they work for their home cleaning and cooking.

The fact is that a vast majority of the working class of Pakistan is suffering from unemployment due to which the wages are very low and investors are working hard with both hands.The workers who work on the dehydration in big cities are given an average of about five hundred rupees, and from that proportion, if they keep the dehydration continuously for six days continuously in the week, which are less likely to earn 13,000 a month in the month. . On the other hand, the minimum salary declared by the officially declined. If Pakistan sees inflation and inflation, the real wages of the laborers have decreased in the past three decades.

Due to which the rise in investors’ profits can be estimated. The analysis of the minimum salary of non-skilled worker shows the general situation of the working market and can be estimated to be a proportion of the wages and inflation of skilled laborers and workers working in different fields. The wages in small cities and villages are less than that, while women and children are also used to earn a lot of wages everywhere.

There are many areas where drugs are preferred on men due to which they are more exploited. It is relatively difficult for women to make unionists, because they also have to work with jobs as well. Apart from this, their sexual exploitation and accusation are easy. Due to women’s transport and other problems, more work is taken, while their wages are reduced.Time Problems On Bank Employees : These scenes appear on the II Chandridge Road in the last decade of each month. As the closing of the month closes, the process of working for long-term offices is seen, and at times it is still open after 12 o’clock and employees continue to meet the target of the month.

In Pakistan, the process of working for more than a fixed time has become common and now those who prefer to act as per the Pakistani laws and the Bank’s own Human Resource Policy, for them jobs are closed in the gates. .More than fixed time in banking has been so important that if a employee finishes work in a fixed time, then he goes home banking for two to two hours after the holiday, so that in view of the boss He should not be counted quickly in the house.

Now bank managers imagine doing extra time, not a law against them, but as security, and no shame is felt for the forced labor. It has been spread to branch banking. Now not only the staff deployed in the branch are required to conduct bankruptcy services from 9 am to 6 pm, but then it will also have to work all day and day calculation, which increases the burden of work. .

The lunch and prayer period is also over. Just go and kill a little bit because the customer will not stand for a long time.During a media briefing in the Institute of Bankers in Pakistan where the Governor of State Bank and other banks were present, I asked the Governor State Bank whether there was any measures to eliminate forced labor in the banking sector.

are going to? And if Pakistan’s best bank award is given to a bank, will it also be held in relation to the implementation of Human Resource Policy with its own human resources and the human resource policy because of the time affected people’s married life. It’s up and the relationship is over. One banker said that only 10 percent of the staff has to work for a long time. But when asked if there is an additional charge on working for this time? So instead of answering him, he started talking to the president of the standing bank.Now, while the banks have become free of forced and forced labor, the State Bank has been advised to talk to banks.

A State Bank of India said that the State Bank Audit team has been informed in this regard and Audit team has not identified it on the basis of any single bank or one year experience, but Audit Team It has not only been pointed out in its reports in a few years, but suggested that more work is often a violation of the Human Resource Policy of Banks and the existing laws regarding labor in Pakistan.The State Bank Audit Team has reported to the last several governors but nobody has considered it appropriate to work on it, but now the current Governor Tariq Bajwa has decided to start the report.Debt transactions and receipts are followed by any action done in the banking system. The Audit Report says that the work pressure and more time to work can affect the ability to decide staff.According to State Bank, Tariq Bajwa has decided to take this matter first in the Pakistan Bank Council and issue notice to banks on this issue. Reports were presented and the decision of forced labor would be raised with commercial banks, but there is no process on it yet.

Physical Health Problems Facing to Bank Employees: Due to the pressure of work, bankers are also increasing in diseases and depression is common among banks, the most important and major illness in the heart, sugar, blood pressure and obesity.The health reporting of our friend Hamid-ur-Rehman, who says that some hospitals have started gathering data in this regard. But the actual situation can be found from the banks of the Human Resources sector. Hamid ur Rehman says that all the illnesses of bankers are lifestyle problems. Those who can be cured by some exercise, fun and sleeping. But for forced labor where bankers have so much opportunity to take time for their health.One of our friends, Habib Bank, does the officers of the Union.

He assured the condition of not being named that bankruptcy problems are becoming more relevant in bankers. They have to go for some reason because of politics due to politics, and these diseases are spreading rapidly in people that now they have to do so many times in the following day.Relief with forced labor and court:By the end of the 90s, Pakistan’s right to union work was also available to the workers of banks and strictly implemented the working hours of banks. Also Union and Associations were also allowed to raise the voice of employees. But the sale of bank shares and its management was handed over to the private sector, the first step of the return of employee’s commencement was initiated, including the office-time car ban.The rules that are in Pakistan provide protection to the laborers and only the workers have the right to organize and work with the administration to work with the administration. But she too is going to end over time.

Even if an Officers Association is not more than a welfare organization. Most banks are Officers Associations but they do not have much to do with all the bank management pocket organizations.Conclusion:The banks have endlessly eliminated clerks, accountants and other non-officers’ steadily by using accelerated computerization. Now you can do the past clerk but say the bank manager.Advocate Anjum says in this context that the laws are for the workers.

But now, if the massacres of forced labor have taken place, if there is a court verdict, they can get positive results.According to Anjam, if any person has worked more than a week of 48 hours and they prove that their attendance is registered or in any other way, then banks are bound to give extra time to take additional time. In addition to the attendance register to prove additional work hours, the forced labor can be proven by electronic sources, which uses bank daily to perform tasks.Because banks often have a paper-free environment and all work is done on email or electronic web portal, where not only the date of registration is registered, but the time to perform it itself is recorded itself without any human intervention. Records will also be able to prove additional work taken in banks.


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