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PROSPECTIVES ON EARLY CHILD HOOD EDUCATION AND CAREINTROUDCTIONEarly child hood , a period of paramount significance, where a child between the age 0-6 having been considered critical for cognitive,language,physical or motor as well as social,emotional and moral learning that evidently has been subsequently influencing both their learning and life long development. Therefore a child does require to have healthy environment of highly freedom to express,comprehend,explore,observe and feel about what would have been around him that lead a little sense of the things which could have pivotal role in future.

Environment he is provided should have a chance to have been interaction with his peers as well as exploration and manipulation of an idea so that the rote learning may not happen while learning; play shall provide him a platform where he could have joyful learning and rather pragmatical too.Learner in this age yet homogeneous in their physical appearance may not be similar in their interest,abilities and needs however each child shall be cared or protected amply that would make him developed his overall performance in their later sphere of life unequivocally.A GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE ON EARLY CHILDHOODThe primary years of a child’s existence are recognized to be the mainly vital years for lifelong development being the pace of development in these years is extremely rapid. Current findings of research in the field of neuroscience, particularly on the brain, has resulted realistic evidence of the critical periods of early years for brain’s development fully. Preschool education enhances child’s academic success and it helps children to be independent and confident.Here I would like to quote the words of Kathy Sylva, Professor of educational psychology at Oxford university “I think that high quality early education makes the child a more effective learner”.Recent Research has also found that if these early years are not endorsed or embedded , a stimulating and enriching physical and psycho social environment,it often child’s brain development to its full potential are considerably, and frequently reduced. This stage in life is also important as a foundation for the inculcation of social values and personal habits, which are known to last a lifetime.

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What follows logically is the crucial importance of investing in these early years to ensure an enabling environment for every child, and thereby a sound foundation for life, which is not only the right of every child but which will also impact, in the long term, the quality of human capital available to a country. Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) derives its importance from this rationale.As we glance at Canadian council on Learning Reports ,2007,2008,2009,2010 stresses on importance of investing in early childhood learning as it creates future benefits. ECCE’s orginThe concept of ECCC ,adoption and adaptation of infant school have been turned through in a long course across the world and distinguished personals who are being behind its launching and commencement are being continued renowned in their respective platforms they went across ,which could subsequently be persisted as a phenomenal especially in this arena/spectrum.Infant school in its early form has been originated by renowned Robert Owen in Sotland, where it did astonishment among parents,educational reformers,policy implementer and social reformers is instantly being practiced in 1824.In Germany early child hood education in another name was encountered by Friedrich Froebel that is Kindergarten and for Margaret Mackmillion`s initiations on early education the world has had long long wait to have `Nursery school`in a new term, who has pivotal motto of its introduction to serve low income children therefore it could deeply rooted at where it was introduced there whole England seems to have been probably happier more often than world has ever witnessed .

Montessori method typically for early child hood has in its full swing been originated in Italy and that was started by Dr. Montessori.I A pivotal conventional practices of ECCE has been in India since almost 5,000 years. Introduction of its foundation in India have been noted formally in the latter half of the nineteenth century. Gijubhai Badheka, Tarabai Modak, Maria Montessori were the early pioneers of this. The writings of great Indian educational thinkers such as Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore, and Zakir Hussain have also drawn attention to this important aspect of education in the formative years of a child’s life.

At the time of independence, the need for preschool education was primarily fulfilled by voluntary organization and/or private institutions.Beyond ECCE’s objectives: Indian contextFrom the five major objectives of ECCE ; a) To develop school readiness,b) Holistic development of the child c) To provide support service women and girls d) Nurture caring e) Writing ,reading and arthamatic skill ,we can sense how much having its pertinence and not only five objectives that are core but also others should apparently be minded so that the number of the stakeholders like: parents ,teachers,policy makers, and theorist and researchers, can have involved wherein there they do suggest implementations ,modifications and alternatives.I would like to be concerned on few interrogations that may not have desirable answers we usually endeavor to articulate.1.which objectives would like to be considered as a major to socialization of a child and Is it overlooked than others that could be more suddenly to be done?2.How caring process can be more sufficient than the child would have spontaneously been having from him or her home?3.Is value education that is mandated to be a good citizen of his her nation being practiced through the pre schooling ?4.Can writing , reading, and arthematic skill be able to be covered when other skills are equally pertinent with these ?


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