In terms of promotion, Barclay management with the collaboration of the marketing manager and customer care department will use audio and video advertisements print advertisements as well as the context of e-marketing. Direct selling through call center and customer care department will also be considered for promoting the products of the company. Such promotion and communication aims on meeting the consumer from different places everywhere, specifically those target markets.

On one hand, since the trend in the market environment today is the use of internet marketing approach, Barclay will also develop a website exclusively for Chinese clients so that they can easily understand the products and its descriptions and other services offered by the company (Donthu and Garcia, 1999). Accordingly, internet marketing approach can help the company to reach other customers around the globe.
With the use of this marketing plan and evaluation, Barclays will be able to establish competitive position in the Chinese market, considering that the hype of credit card markets is considered to be the powerful market in the world today. Through the information provided in this report, the management will be able to have effective decision on how they can enter Chinese market.

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