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Last updated: March 4, 2019

Project name: opening a Indian restaurant in CanadaPrepared by: Team eagleDate:May 23, 2018Project justification This Indian restaurant would provide a unique Indian taste to the rising Indian opera in Canada. There is huge demand of Indian food here in Canada. So we are confident this project of opening a Indian restaurant is welcome by most of the people. Product description In this restaurant firstly we will hire a decent chef from India.

This restaurant would be a two floor building which would provide all kind of Indian food . The important thing in restaurant is to choose the busiest place of region. We would select place near to the college campus as there are large number of Indian students coming there.Project deliverables In this restaurant we will deliver a unique blend of spices dishes which is mostly liked by the Indian people .Moreover the interesting thing about the restaurant is that it would operate 24 hours a day . Home delivery and take out would be offered here . There would be a buffet also .

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Exclusive offer on holidays will be given to the customers .Acceptance criteria For opening a restaurant firstly we did a market research that which things are mostly liked by the people . moreover for setting up a own restaurant we take permission from federal, municipal government. Another permission required for this is to take from food and safety as per Ontario ruleconstraints Constraints are budget we have to compromise with our budget as we cant open a 7 star hotel now . Also we have limited hours of operating the restaurant , it would not work well in night . our scope is mostly targeting the Indian Audience .assumptions We would assume it would work well in all weathers.

There would be no competitors in the coming 15 years . People would prefer to eat outside as they have no time to cook because their life is busy . We would always get cheap labour . Risk Factor We have a risk if we are unable to cope with the input cost and output cost than it would be a problem . We have to renew our licence every year which would also be a problem to tackle because its in the hands of government to issue new licence . If enough people don’t come we still have to operate the hotel and to pay the staff that would be a tough work to do .

Also we have a risk from other people providing the same services .


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