Topic: Economics

Last updated: March 21, 2019

Professor and Class, This course has provided me with an overview of the concept and look on microeconomics. I now see how society, businesses, people and their families come up with how to fix the shortage of an essential economic problem. I found that economics does deal with everyday life situations since we all must make choices in our everyday lives. Economics has broadened my thoughts on common knowledge and events that studies how people make choices between changes that are offered to them (Rittenberg, 2012, p 8). I did not really know what economics was before I took this course and I found myself discussing economics to my wife, which was funny because she was like what is economics, so I had the privilege of explaining it to her. I must say the most shocking part in this course to me would be defining and being able to differentiate the many economic cost, which brought a lot of insight on finances.

I enjoyed being able to discuss the supply and demand on the business side. I was unsure about economics at first now after I complete this course I will go ahead and enroll into economics 102 and check out the macro side of economics. Thank you all for the time you spend reading forums and replying and especially to the professor for the knowledge and feedback that was provide. May you all be successful in the future and watch the spending since you know a little more about it.Corey

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