Professional accreditation is an official recognition of a person’s ability, aptitude and expertise in a specific area. When drafting job specifications, it is important to indicate what level of conduct and expertise is expected, professional accreditation is a way of portraying this. Why this is, will be detailed within this report.

Firstly, it’s important to discuss what the professional bodies expectations for its members are. Professional bodies such as the British Computer Society (BCS) require members to uphold their code of conduct, showing their commitment to high standards of competence conduct and ethical practice. Alongside this, the common difficulties that inhibit people from gaining accreditation including the amount of time required are considered. However, these are often outweighed by the demand for employees with these skills. As the benefits to employers are abundant, which will also be defined. In addition, we will review the process of obtaining the accreditation. In particular, the cost and time required in contrast to the benefits of an organisation gaining these for its employees.

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To gain professional accreditation demonstrates that the person has the recognised standard of conduct and practice of the particular body. Furthermore, that they are focused not just on their professional skill set but are proactively involved in the role of that profession in both the business community and society at large. Due to this, your company will benefit greatly from having employees of this calibre.


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