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Last updated: March 30, 2019

Products & Services:Marks & Spencer offers a wide range of products from wardrobe to kitchen like clothing, home ware, and food products.Clothing products:Marks & Spencer offers clothing for men, women, kids, school ware under the different brands. Men’s variety includes casual shirts, casual trousers ; chinos, jumpers ; cardigans, sports ; active wear. Brands for men collection are autograph, blue Harbour, M;S collection, limited Edition.Footwear category for men includes Brogues, loafers, boots and slippers.Accessories genre for men includes bags ;briefcase, hats, gloves, scarves, wallets and ties.Women’s variety includes blazers, cashmere, swimwear, cotigans, tops& t-shirts, skirts, evening and party wear. Brands for the women collection are classic, autograph, limited edition, M&S collection, Per Una, Twiggy.

Footwear category for women includes high heels, flat shoes, pumps, slippers, ankle boots, court shoes.Other genre for women divides into four categories accessories, lingerie, bags & beauty products. Accessories includes hats, gloves, jewellery, watches and scarves. Bags variety includes hand bags, purses and across body bags. Lingerie includes nightwear, knickers, hosiery, shape wear.

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Beauty products include skin care, hair care, makeup, toiletries and perfumes.Kids variety for both boys & girls are available and it includes baby boy& girl clothes and pram shoes, new born & unisex, bathing & changing. Schools wear for kids are also available. Brands for kids collection are autograph, Paddington, Marie Chantal as well as M&S collection.

Homewear: Marks & Spencer offers complete homewear including Bedding, bathing, cook, dine, home furnishing & home accessories.Bedding includes plan bedding, pillow cases, bed sheets and mattress protectors.Bathing includes towel, bath mats, bathroom accessories.Cook includes includes aprons & oven gloves, bakeware, food preparation, pots & pans and utensils. Dine includes includes boxed dinner set, cutlery, glass ware, dinning range, mugs & serveware.Home furnishing includes curtines, cushinons, throws, rugs & door mates.Home accessories includes lightening, home fragrance & candles, storage, photo frame and vases & jugs.Food product:Reference:http://www.marksandspencer.com


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