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Last updated: April 23, 2019

Productivity is defined as an employment or positive emotions that come from the evaluation of one’s job experience in which the difference between the situation at hand and the employees value (Locke, 1976).

In addition, according from Smith (1969) that job satisfaction is based in the facets situations where in the feelings or affective response of an individual. Inputs and outputs ratio usually defines productivity. It is a measure of how efficiently production inputs such as labor and capital are being used to produce a given level of output (Okoye ; Ezejiofor, 2013). Opined that organizational productivity is the measure of how well an organization functions and also an indication of efficiency and competition (Oloke et al.

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, 2017). Performance Management had been very useful and extremely important on developments in the field of management. It also comprises all activities that guarantee the organizational rules that being accomplish or achieve in an efficient and operative manner (Gichuki ; Wairimu ; 2014). According to Gichuki and Wairimu (2014) indicative of public demands for quality services at affordable prices in short, better employee productivity were the common popular concerns about the government but it does not focus on results and it wastes money. As per Oloke et al., (2017) competence of the management and workforce or employees’ productivity on the other hand is extremely important on management’s success. It had been hinged on the employee’s ability to do something.

According to Hafner et al., (2015) it is extremely important for companies to grasp the meaning of direct link between wellbeing and productivity. It will not be achieved without a visible sign which shows that something else exists or true, it also stated that Employees who are deprived of sleep will prone on productivity loss compared to employees who slept on an average time. The employees who has imbalance regarding on Body mass index will have a higher chance on having work impairment due to absenteeism and other factor compare on employees having a normal body mass index range. Having mild to severe mental health conditions can be a predictor of loss in productivity. According to Maduka & Okafor (2014), every employee is different in terms of their ability and motivation. To motivate is to induce, persuade, stimulate, even compel, an employee to act in a manner which fulfilled the objectives of an organization. Workers who are not motivated enough; often leave their organizations unlike those who are motivated though salary increase and wages, bonus and some other incentives.

Moreover, that low performance and productivity are the reason for dissatisfaction. In order for the employee to their best in work even in most difficult circumstances they must be motivated enough. As stated by Norton (1989), in the research of employees’ participation has been linked to many variables such as job satisfaction, performance and productivity of an employee. Moreover, the best method to enhance the productivity is by achieving the same goal of managers as well as the employees in order to exert more effort in the company by following the mission statement, policies, procedures, and improving the morale also the satisfactionAccording to Mukundi (2016), productivity is so important to still remain competitive or even improve and it has many benefits at various levels. Employees should feel that they are a part of the company to have productivity in a workforce. To achieve high production from its work force, organization should take into account those institutional factors. According to Ajala (2012), Productivity is a way to business succeeding and it is achievable where the business grows in a way in which the employees are satisfied. To utilize the experience of employees, the management should ensure to retain their workforce.

Team building also help to build employee relationships with colleague as seen this will enhance their performance (Mukundi, 2016). According to Parakandi ; Behery (2016), the foundation of companies in measuring the work productivity was the level of service to the particular unit. When relating to a goal to be achieved, productivity measurements are the most convenient to use and when completing a specific task everyone should manage the time to finish it in a productive way.

Not connected productivity scores could still give some data to help the manager or the workers to enhance their scores. As per Mukundi (2016), It has been also revealed that employee’s relationship affects their productivity and satisfaction toward their co-workers brings out positive feelings about their job and influence good performance from other employee. Marital status also has an impact to the employee’s productivity.

Married workers received higher performance from their supervisors and were promoted 10.5 % higher than single workers.


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