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Last updated: January 29, 2019

Product Innovation and ModificationProduct innovation and modification is one of the business marketing strategy in order to gain competitive advantage from competitors. The best innovation of the products will give the positive feedback from customer and it also can help to increase the profit of the business when the demand of the product is increasing.

Denso Malaysia is the manufacturer of OEM parts, so the needs of product innovation and modification is very importance to the new car such as new Perodua Myvi and Axia. This is because the new car needs a lot of improvement and product modification. As the main supplier for these manufactures, Denso must do product modification to produce part that is suitable for that car. Denso always need to upgrade their part features in order to make their product advance and quality.

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Other than that, phase out parts which means old products that have low demand and almost not achieve the real standard of customer demand also is the best way why need to do innovation and modification to be leading automotive parts industry in Malaysia.Researchers such as (Park, Ohk, & Hong, 2016), stated that product modification is a behaviour as trying to use a product for long time by improving durability, creating un-replaceable existence by modifying product, and making product not sick and tired of by renewing it have been shown by consumers attached to their belongings. These are characteristics shown by people investing significant energy into repairing and modifying bicycle, which allow them to express themselves, or shown by people changing basic format on the internet to decorate their avatars as well. Besides that, the function of product modification is to retain the customers that always show their loyalty to the brand and also explaining long-term relationship between consumers and brands


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