Product concept is a concise description of how the product will satisfy customer needs. It is a proposed solution for matching customers’ needs with a product for satisfying those needs. It describes “the form, function and features of a product and is usually accompanied by a set of specifications and an analysis of competitive product and an economic justification of the project
Selection of a high potential opportunity and begin customer involvement is important to achieve and satisfy customers needs. Idea generation is a process of thinking and sketching that is based on research and information. In this chapter, three concepts are generated through brainstorming between group members which have its own design including handle, connector and brush head. Besides, each concept is discussed in the concept descriptions, advantages and disadvantages.
At this stage also, we tends to make quick sketches of outlines and rough forms. Some of the idea of design concept must considered several factor that might come from feedback from survey and based on the customer requirement:
i) Ergonomic
Suit to user for example static posture during grip a handle of motorized brush.
ii) Reliability
The ability of an item to perform under stated condition for a stated period of time. Reliability is often linked to quality (fitness for purpose) because it takes quality in “manufacture” to achieved reliability.
iii) Maintainability
Ensure that the products easy to maintenance for instance unassamble external body from intenal interface and service are reliable
iv) Aesthetics Value
Product has a pleasing appearance with considering product architecture value.
v) Safety Precautions
The product will have high safety precautions such as material used un motorized brush is water resistance.
vi) Price
The price is affordable with the features offered or compare with similar products in the market.


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