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Last updated: December 19, 2019

Processes to ensure that team members are informed of outcomes of continuous improvement are communication. To ensure that employees receive accurate information, the processes includes reports, meetings, memos, email via internet communication or face-to-face communication. This is necessary to avoid creating problems due to lack of communication, they need to understand the improvements in terms of knowing and determining whether goals are being met or the outcome of their work is really what they planned. Effective communication is also a process of improvement, employees can know what they have done, what is working, why it is working and where adjustments need to be made. If they feel that their (employees) contribution is unnoticed and unrecognized they might rapidly learn not to bother or unmotivated, and it can affect this in the improvement of the company. This will contribute toward further improvement because they also encourage in self assessment and they an be more creative when it comes to work.


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