Topic: BusinessStrategy

Last updated: January 31, 2019

Pricing StrategyPRICING*  Dove has adopted the competitive based pricing.* It has a large number of variants in the product type and all its variants are priced around a similar range.* Considering the huge market share of HUL it can be identified that Dove has based its pricing with the objective of attaining Maximum Market Share, but not through Market penetration strategy. * It also follows the high value strategy as it aims at position itself as a premium brand.* It also exhibited the Maximum market skimming objective.

The demand curve:* Initially the target customers which included the upper class and they still did not find it worthy to spend so much and buy a soap. They then lowered the price to attract the upper middle class sector as well and were successful in their missionAnalyzing competitors costs prices and offers.* The soap was priced at a slightly higher price than most of its competitors * However they managed to pull off with the sales with the added value of providing the consumers the combined benefits of a soap and a moisturizer which most other soaps did not.Pricing method* The pricing of dove soap followed a perceived value pricing satisfying the consumers with image, performance and softer attributes such as trustworthiness and esteem.Final pricing * Dove is a brand with average relative quality but because of their high expenditure on advertising and the ‘Real Beauty campaign’ campaign allowed them to charge a premium price.

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