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Last updated: January 2, 2020

Presentation Outline (for 2 students)
Firdaus bin Mat Shukri (EC15133)
Ahmad Hafizuddin bin Ismail (EC15132)
Context: 3D Printing & Additive manufacturing Conference
Persona: Consultants from Shenzhen Aurora Technology Co., Ltd
Product: JG AURORA A-3 3D Printer Kit with LCD Screen
Audience: For students and beginners who want to start journey in 3d printing technology
• Good evening, my name is Firdaus Bin Mat Shukri. According to Avi Reichental, “With 3D printing, complexity is free”. What I’m showing here is the JG Aurora A3 3D Printer Kit. This is DIY 3D printer that designed to provide user the best 3D printer kit with the best price and easiest to setup. The JG Aurora A3 have dimension 395 mm x 379 mm x 410 mm and weight about 9 Kg. This 3D printer required 110 V/ 230 V AC supply and have printing speed 20 mm to 100 mm per second. Today, we will describe the four main part of the JG Aurora A3 3D Printer Kit which are the hot end, the turbo fan, hot bed and stepper motor. Let begin with the first main part, the hot end.

Unique Feature (Main part) 1 Parts and Sub-part/s (if any)

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Hot End
• The hot end is use to melt and extrude the plastic/filament in little tiny layers. The body of the hot end is made from aluminium. It has dimension 25 mm diameter and 82 mm high and use 12 V power supply to heat the block. The hot end temperature is about 160 °C to 250 °C. Nozzle and heat sink is the sub part of the hot end which nozzle is the part with small hole where the filament come out and heat sink is the part to ensure that the filament does not melt before it reaches the nozzle. Hot end work with heater cartridge that attached to the hot end and melt the filament once it goes through the nozzle. Now I have explained the technical description of the hot end and it sub part. So, let move to the main part 2.

Unique Feature (Main part) 2 Parts and Sub-part/s (if any)

Turbo Fan
• The turbo fan is located at side of hot end. It is use to cools of the filament after it is deposited by the nozzle. Turbo fan is covered by black plastic as their body and have dimension 50mm x 50mm x 15mm that use 12 V and 0.14 A supply which have speed 4000 rpm. Turbo fan work at the moment of printing, the filament will immediately be cooled by the fan after it is deposited by the nozzle. It helps the object hold it shape and more sharper. This fan will be turned on and off by the slicer under different situation depending on what material are printed. I will now summarize this two main part.

• Hot end and turbo fan are the important part that work with each other that can improve the quality of the printed object and will result in good bridging capabilities. So, without this part, it can be argued that the creation of 3D object cannot be done.

• Good evening, my name is Ahmad Hafizuddin Bin Ismail. For your information, Barack Obama said that “3D printing has the potential to improve the way we make almost everything”, when explaining the application of 3D printing in industry. The purpose of my presentation is to extend the presentation from my partner in more detail about another main part for this 3D printer. Previously, my partner, Firdaus has outlined two main parts for this 3D printer which are the hot end and the turbo fan. Now we’ll move on to another two main part of this 3D printer which are the stepper motor and the hot bed. Let’s begin with the hot bed parts on this 3D printer.

Unique Feature (Main part) 3 Parts and Sub-part/s (if any)

Hot Bed
• The part of hot bed on this 3D printer is made of aluminium substrate, which has an excellent thermal conductivity texture. A common type of heated bed uses circuity boards (PCBs) with a dimension is 8.4 x 8.4in (210 x 210mm) as heating elements to allows the printed part stays warm all over during the printing process, keeps a certain temperature to prevent warping and turbofan speeds up solidafication of the extruded filament to improve the quality of printing.The temperature usually will be between 40 to 110 Celcius and it’s not a finger friendly zone. Now that I have explained to you the technical descriptions of the hot bed part, let me turn now to my next part which is the stepper motor.

Unique Feature (Main part) 4 Parts and Sub-part/s (if any)

Stepper motor
• The model of stepper motor for this 3D printer is 200MN-m Min Holding Torque Stepper Motor which has uniqueness in controlling the movement of the x,y and z axis in case of the 3D printer and also for pushing the filament for ensure higher quality print. The size of stepper motor is 34 mm with its weight is about 207g . The shaft of stepper motor is 15 mm in length that where they move in steps and hence control is more and the movement is more precise.

• Finally, let me assert one more time that the JG Aurora A3 3D Printer is a best 3D printer kit at the best price in which we have described four main parts for this product; the hot end, the turbo fan, the hot bed and the stepper motor. This product is ready to provide the clientswith services and solutions especially for students and beginners who want to start journey in 3d printing technology to ensure the quality of the printed object.It is fun and great learning experience when assembling a 3d printer.


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