Topic: History

Last updated: May 10, 2019

Prescriptivism indicates to the implementation and the confirmation of a specific set of basics by a foundation or individual. Prescriptivism refers to the attitude where illustrates the basics of the language that should be followed and the norms that also should be eschew. Prescriptions and proscriptions are traditional, in general it introduce receipt of knowledge and wisdom.

On the other hand, descriptivism indicates to the language usage and actions in a lexicographical context. The truth is that substantially all the English language are descriptive in reality. The fundamental editors indicate always to as how the word are spelled and applied.

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In that way, descriptive language describe or show the contain words that are used ordinarily even if they are not standard and often include non-standard spelling. These kinds of dictionaries are more involved about the correct and right English. In other words, prescriptive dictionaries resort to promote the standard English, unlike the descriptive dictionaries that describe the usage and the spelling of the language. The Conclusion All in all, this written text illustrates four main points, the history of how English have been codified in dictionaries and grammar books, also it presents the commissioning of dictionaries and the reasons behind writing these dictionaries, in addition, it tells about the criteria for including words in dictionaries, and the last point in the difference between prescriptive and descriptive dictionaries.


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