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Last updated: January 23, 2019

Preparing a Care PlanNursing diagnoses are essential to provide nursing care high quality, and its benefits are so numerous that it seems obvious that its development. and start-up should be a priority.The care plans are of great importance for all hospitalized patients since they help to reduce the time of hospitalization and in turn prevent complications. Care plans are planning systems for the execution of nursing care, composed of five very important steps which are: 1. Assessment : it is the first phase of the process, in it you get information about the patient, the family and the environment, 2. Diagnosis: include the conclusions that are obtained from the assessment, 3. Planning in it strategies are developed to prevent, minimize or correct problems, as well as to promote health, 4. Execution: in this step the care is put into practice, and finally 5.

Evaluation that consists of verifying if the established objectives were achieved ( Blais, 2015). When we elaborate a plan of care of the patient with neck cancer, it is important the education of the patient since it accompanies his achievements and his quality of life. Education is an integral part of the role of the nurse in patient care. To ensure the success of the teaching plan, the processes involved in the development must focus on the patient and include his family. The evaluation of the patient requires the analysis and organization of information about the patient. It determines the level of understanding of the patient with respect to his illness, injury or state of health. It uses the information gathered about the patient to estimate if he will be able to understand and apply what he is taught.

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There are defined characteristics in patient with neck cancer. The symptoms caused by a neck tumor vary depending on the affected structures. A neck tumor originating in the mouth frequently causes alterations in the mucosa.

Some possible symptoms are: inflammation, discoloration or recurrent sores. A characteristic symptom of tumors in the oral cavity is the sensation of a foreign body. As the tumor grows, depending on where it is, it can reduce the mobility of the tongue and cause difficulty swallowing. In the case of tumors in the salivary glands, inflammation often occurs accompanied by pain.

Depending on its location, a tumor of the neck can lead to various complications during its evolution. Therefore, difficulties can arise when swallowing and chewing, and hence other eating problems that considerably reduce the quality of life of the patient.


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