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Last updated: March 15, 2019

Prejudice is a significant theme in the merchant of cenic. One of the most significant examples of prejudice in this novel is the anti semitic views of Christian citizens. Without these viewsthe elopement plot and the bond plot would not be existant. If Jessica were Christian shylock would have embraced the marriage of Jessica and Lorenzo. Religion however intervenes and causes shylocks anger at his daughter. The bond plot is based soley of religious tension. This tension would not occur if the all shared the same religious beliefs whether it be Judaism or Christianity.
Another example of prejudice in the merchant of beje is between portia and the prince of morroco. This prejudice is not religious but instead racial. As the second act begins morocco states ” mislike me not for my complexion, the shadowed livery of the burnished sun”. This was said to portia to ask her to not judge the prince on his complexion but tather that he be judged on what is inside. Portia however decided that she would not enjoy marrying the prince of morroco. She expresses this through saying. ” if he have the condition of a saint and the complexion of a devil I had rather heshrive me than wive me”. Her decision had been made and despite the princes efforts to help her understand that he was just like any man she remained adamant about her agreement. In shakespeares day dark men were associated with the devil and evil in general.


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