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Last updated: March 17, 2019

Poetic Techniques and Effects – Poetic devices have been used within the song in order to convey their message.

The quote “Infecting the young minds faster than bacteria” is an example of metaphor. The band Black Eyed Peas has used metaphor in order to compare bacteria to the media which infects young people’s mind. The use of the poetic technique helps readers uncover new and intriguing qualities of the original things that we may normally notice or even consider important.

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To conclude key concepts have been utilised in order to challenge the audience. – Black Eyed Peas uses various techniques in order to convey their message. The quote “People living like they ain’t got no mama” is an example of simile.

Black Eyed Peas has used simile within their song to compare how the people is acting like and that humans have no discipline of living. By using the poetic devices, the readers can enhance description and expand understanding of what the singer is seeking to convey. Moreover, the Black Eyed Peas has effectively echoed their perspective due to their choice of language. – The quote “Where is the love” has been repeated multiple times throughout the song. Black Eyed Peas has used repetition in his song in order to highlight the message they are attempting to share.

Using poetic device, allows the reader to reinforce words and ideas to make them more memorable and powerful.- The quote “I feel the weight of the world on my shoulder” describes pressure and the selfish attitude possessed by the modern society and people. The use of poetic technique emphasises words and ideas to make descriptions more vivid. The quote that has been used in the song is an example of alliteration.


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