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Last updated: March 5, 2019

Pierre Elliot TrudeauMany presidents from the Independence Day till now ruled Canada; most of them left an effect and became as a taken example for the new presidents. Pierre was one of the most effective Canadian prime ministers ever; he ruled between 1968 and 1984. Trudeau is well-known because of the unique way he was acting with politics and of the political achievements that he reaches. In 1970, Canada faced a bad period because of the FLQ group that caused a state of chaos in Quebec. At that moment he took a brave and dangerous decision which was the War Measures Act to solve the problem and to brought peace back to Quebec (CBC news, 1990).

Then, he created the Charter of Rights and Freedoms that was an important decision because this document shows the citizens what is their rights, freedoms and how it guarantees them. Moreover, it was represented as a final step of a fully independent and nationalist Canada because this document guaranteed fundamental human rights and protection of a Canadian’s freedoms (Owen, 2003). After that, he passed the Official Languages Act, which gave English and French both equal status in the government. This is still relevant till today because even in English speaking provinces, students have to learn French as an alternative language. And all the governments centers are obliged to give English and French as an option to communicate (Library and Archives Canada, 1988). Finally, the evaluation of the result that the Prime minster will achieve after he end his service are the best proves, if the president was great or not.

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