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Last updated: April 9, 2019

Physical: This is when both sexes are capable for reproduction, both sexes’ changes in body shape and growth of body hair. This is also the stage when Girls – menstrual cycle, growth of breasts, hips widen and Boys – penis growth, sperm production, voice breaks. According to NHS (09/05/2018), the current average age for commencement of puberty in girls is 11 years and 12 years in boys.

Social: This is when development of sexual and intimate relationships, Friendships with both sexes, wider social circle etc. for example, falling in love.
Emotional: This is when conflicts with parents and other adults, Self-concept becomes more formed, own identity formed, Desire for independence and Mood swings. E.g. lashing out at parents, wanting to party till late. According to the young minds charity, “the proportion of individuals reporting that they frequently feel anxious or depressed has doubled in the last 30 years , from 1 In 30 to 2 in 30 for boys, and 1 in 10 to 2 in 10 for girls”. This tells us that boys and girls are likely to be more stressed around exams.
Cognitive: This is when an ability to think about concepts and ideas – Abstract thinking, Can think in a more logical way to solve problems, Ability to remember large amounts of information and also Begins to question the world and develop own views.

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