Topic: Family, Life & ExperiencesRelationships

Last updated: April 29, 2019

Physical environment – their house or room if in a care home, personal belongings.Social environment – personal boundaries, feelings and relationships.To promote well-being in the environment• Ensure the physical environment is clean, in good condition and safe to use.• Personal belongings are well cared or.

• Treated with respect.• Protected from all abuse.• Privacy• Personal boundaries – respected and maintained• Encourage active participation• Maintain relationships and encourage new ones• Good communicationIn a clinic privacy is maintained by closing the door to the clinic rooms, guaranteeing only the people in the room are the ones the patient requests. All equipment is cleaned after each use and is in good working order. Treat the patient with respect and always maintain professional boundaries – should a patient present who is a friend/family member/neighbour confirming their acceptance to continue or if they would prefer a colleague continue with the appointment due to the possible sensitive information being given (I always ask even though each NHS employee is governed by the NHS code of conduct and confidentiality).

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