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Last updated: February 17, 2019

Philippines is one of the major tropical countries in South East Asia that is often experiencing mosquito borne diseases such as dengue, malaria, and dysentery that is resulting to 500 million cases and over 2.7 million deaths a year (World Health Organization, n.d.

). In the Philippines, dengue is epidemic and is considered as one of the eight pervasive infectious diseases (Department of Health, 2011). It is also known as a tropical and subtropical mosquito-borne disease that is viral and is a major health concern in our country (Bravo, Roque,, 2014). Guzman, Halstead, Artsob, et.

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al, (2010) stated that dengue, as the most important arthropod borne-viral disease, over 2.5 billion people globally at risk. Another one of the major mosquito-borne disease is malaria. It affects 14 million people in the Philippines, mostly the people who live in mountainous and other areas that are inaccessible of basic health services (World Health Organization, n.d.).


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