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PESTEL AnalysisPolitical The main political factors that could affect Aster Pharmacy are insurance mandates, tax legislation changes, and consumer protection (http://pestleanalysis.

com/pest-analysis-of-healthcare-industry/) .UAE government fully supports the healthcare sector and has been consistent in investing in the sector. Most of the costs are shouldered by the government which gives Aster DM Healthcare the perfect environment to grow in UAE. the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and the Health Authority-Abu Dhabi (HAAD), which is responsible for public and private healthcare facilities also give pharmacies and Hospitals high degree of autonomy throughout the emirates ( The UAE is one of the most open economies in the world.

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( Pharmacy will be greatly impacted by economic factors such as inflation, unemployment, and interest rates. These factors can change the way public spends their money impacting policy spending ( ).UAE has an inflation rate of 0.

95% and an unemployment rate of 4.6% in the current year. ( Since both of them are low it means more people will be able to afford the fees and spend more.

Socio cultural UAE is a developed country with a population consisting of 13. 5% Emiratis and 86.5% expatriates. The dominant religion is Islam however the government has been liberal on other religions too (http://www.gtu. the nationals, government has arranged subsidized healthcare however things are not the same for the non-Emiratis. Aster Pharmacy must be should do research about the community it serves to avoid violating any local must be on the lookout for all the new trends and latest innovations to give its customers the best products.Technological The healthcare industry is seeing positive changes in treatments because of technological advancements.

Technological advancements can have a varying range of effects on the overall performance of Aster Pharmacy. Every day the technology is changing and so are the equipments manufactured, new treatments and medicines. However, technology outside the healthcare filed can change the way organization reaches its customers. Giving customers faster and easier ways to communicate with the organization can give a competitive edge ( UAE is very careful when it comes to environmental protection. Companies that intend to conduct business in UAE must obtain a required environmental permit from the local authorities that govern and regulate environmental concerns.

Non-compliance with the regulations attracts a heavy fine of at least AED5,000. Aster Pharmacy needs to abide by the laws to maintain good relations with government and to maintain a good reputation in front of customers as a eco friendly organization.LegalHealthcare clinics and pharmacies in UAE is regulated at both the Federal and Emirate level. DHA is authorized to regulate all healthcare services in Dubai, including those in free zones. All Healthcare facilities including pharmacies, medical centers, hospitals and professionals in Dubai must be licensed by DHA.

Inspections are conducted in all facilities to compliance with local and federal laws and regulations ( of laws can lead to failure of the strategy. The consequences of pending lawsuits, HIPAA compliance, potential mergers and more should be considered while evaluating the overall strategy (

SWOT AnalysisStrengthsGlobal Reach: Aster Pharmacy is active in many countries such as UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Jordan, India and Philippines giving a major advantage (

pdf).First mover advantage: Aster will be the first company in the market to offer so many features in wheelchairs.Long term expansion plans: Aster has undertaken aggressive expansion since FY13 and has long term plans for expansion in India and GCC. (

pdf).Quality leader: Aster Pharmacy recently achieved the ‘Dubai Quality Appreciation Award’ for their commitment towards maintaining quality standards which helps gain consumer trust and attention ( of doctors: One of the weakness of Aster DM Healthcare is that it operates in markets with lack of quality doctors. (https://www.

Negative Events: Instances of Aster Pharmacy advising and selling antibiotics without prescriptions. Such events can reduce customer trust on the brand (

136631).OpportunityInnovation: With increasing innovations in technology and people searching for more convenient and reliable products, there is always room for more innovation in products. New joint ventures: Aster is currently looking for joint ventures in Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia and Africa to expand their clientele.( rules: Rules and regulations governing the business are stringent.

Cheap substitutes: People might go for cheap alternatives which are locally available which can affect the business of Aster DM Healthcare.BCG MatrixSTARS QUESTION MARKSCASH COWS DOGS HIGH LOW RELATIVE MARKET SHAREAster Pharmacy falls in question marks as its rate of market growth is high since it is investing in various ventures highlighted in SWOT Analysis for continuous growth and success. However, in relation to its biggest competitor Life Pharmacy, Aster Pharmacy has a small market share and makes less profits in comparison with Life Pharmacy. literally cannot find anything about revenue of any company, cannot find comparisons. this is just assumption. How to do the BCG matrix.

How to write about other companies. Not sure position of aster also.


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