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PERSONALITY TYPEPredicted personality type = INFJMBTI assessment personality type = INTJThe eight preferences areEXTRAVERTED vs INTROVERTEDSENSING vs INTUITIONTHINKING vs FEELINGJUDGING vs PERCIEVINGI consider myself an introvert and in my MBTI assessment, there was difference between trait of feeling (70%) and thinking (30%). I anticipated feeling trait in my prediction for personality type as I am very sensitive, I like harmony in relationships and get nervous when it is missed. I like to make decisions by considering other people, who are going to be influenced. But in MBTI assessment, the trait came out to be thinking (30%) and I think it is right up to some extent as at some situations, I behave as logical thinker.

I make decisions by analyzing the facts with my head and heart both and believe telling the truth of circumstances. For other traits, introversion, intuition, judging, I got the same results. As I have contained behaviour, like to explore experiments and do planning in advance, prefer organized things and work. MY STRENGTHS TRUSTWORTHY, HUMBLEI am trustworthy and reliable team member, I do not like to leak out the confidential information of team with anyone. I think it is good to draw a line between personal and professional life. I t is necessary for a successful team that the team members are humble to each other and I have this characteristic as I cannot hurt anyone intentionally.

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EXCELLENT LISTENER AND THOUGHTFUL I give preference to think first, talk later. I have patience and listening ability in my behaviour and that is an effective tool to survive in a team I believe in not to drag petty issues that can harm our relations with others and introspect the ideas to be prepared for conversations.ATTENTIVE AND FOCUSING NATUREAccording to my personality type, I am attentive and goal-oriented person and attend the meetings and discussions attentively. I use to focus on the requirements to meet the desired objectives, I have great zeal to work hard and enthusiasm inside me to achieve the goals. SCHEDULEDI like organisation in my life and feel comfortable to deal with the tasks. It is important for me to have well planned schedule because any activity should not be affected due too other one. By sequencing or making plans, we can have more positive outcomes.

COMMINICATIVE AND POSITIVITYI am an optimistic towards future, I think it can be beneficial to encourage others also to move forward. I can express and explain my thoughts in simple and innovative ways to others and communicate my thinking effectively.(Kahnweiler, n.d.) TENDENCIES OF INTROVERTS AND EXTROVERTSINTROVERTSQUIETNESSPeople with this temperament like to opt wordless ways for expressing their thoughts.

They have quest for a centre and do not feel vulnerable and uncomfortable in tranquility. Introverts can be proven productive as they work alone contentedly and can evaluate the information effectively and efficiently in calm and serene environment. RESERVED AND EMBRACE SOLITUDECain defines introverts as “men of contemplation,” who may enjoy the company of others, but are also comfortable with solitude.

They consider their strengths and weaknesses to provide appropriate time using and working on both. Introverts as compare to extroverts need time alone to think and pursue their own interests and they get energized while pursuing these kinds of activities.REFLECT BEFORE TAKING DECISIONThey are sensitive, contemplative, modest and calm, and spend a lot of time thinking and reflecting. They can enjoy social occasions but crave restorative time afterwards. They do their best work alone in quiet places since they are easily overstimulated by noise, lights and action.

Introvert people are more prone to thinking and are thus involved in creating novel entities. (Wu, 2014)STRUGGLE WITH CHANGE AND DEEP FOCUSED Introverts are super focused and pay concentration towards their commitments very deeply. They are very ambitious people and cannot tolerate the unexpected things in their life.

People with personality cannot adjust easily in new situations and they struggle with adopting the changes that occur opposite to the expectations.EXTROVERTSQUICK DECISION MAKERSPeople with extraverted personality types are more likely to feel that they can handle any critical challenges in life. They are more likely to be having positive attitude and have confidence on their decisions. They do not analyse the conditions and facts deeply.OPEN AND SOCIALExtroverts are talkative and outgoing. Cain said that extroverts are “men of action.

” They gain energy from other people, are sociable, excitable, active, lively and light-hearted. Unlike introverts, extroverts can tolerate a higher level of noise and work well collaboratively, being alone can make them anxious.GOOD COMMUNICATORSExtroverts are great communicators and they can easily express their feelings and thoughts through several ways of communication. They can be productive as they appreciate and enjoy attention and are more interactive as compare to their introvert counterparts. Extroverts prefer oral way of describing the facts and situations.

EASILY ACCEPT THE CHANGEThey apparently live in the present, concentrating on current activity and are highly adaptive. These individuals adapt easily to a given situation and are particularly influenced by objects and events in the external world. (bhandari, 2016)REFERENCES


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