Personalities are patterns made up of unique characteristics that nobody has. Your personality makes who you are, Itis your identity. Psychologist have thought that personalities were apart of the way we think, talk and react. They have also tried to define who we are by The patterns on our head and our size. Many people take personality test but don’t know whether their real or not.Traits are characteristics that influence our behavior when going through many situations. Some Traits would be introversion, Friendliness and honesty help us understand/ explain our behavior. Some of the more popular ways of testing traits are administering a personality test that are a self-report of our own characteristics. Psychologist have looked at many self-report research have found personality traits to implicate behaviors. In early theories, psychologist believed that personalities were expressed by a person’s physical appearance. A German physician Franz Joseph Gall was a founder of Phrenology. This theory was based on the idea that
personalities could be measured by the patterns of bumps on a person’s skull. Machines were developed to help people analyze skulls. Later on, in the Victorian age, Scientific research didn’t validate the prediction causing phrenology was discredited in contemporary psychology. Another theory that psychologist had in mind somatology the psychologistWilliam Herbert Sheldon based his idea on whether a person could determine a personality from your body type. He argued that people who were “Endomorphs” (More body fat, rounder physique) would most likely assertive and bold whereas “Ectomorphs”(thin bodytype) were most likely introverted and intellectual. But just as Phrenology, somology was discredited due to scientific research as well. The theory of Physiognomy psychologist wanted to use the idea that it is possible to understand a person’s personality by looking at the facial characteristics. Physiognomy was different from both somatology and phrenology because contemporary research has found that people faces are some of the aspects of a person character. For example, most of the people who are gay can be shown through their walk, how they talk and dress. The ability to detect a person’s personality by their face isn’t guaranteed though.Olivola and Todorov studied the ability of thousands of people to guess the characteristics of people. Using images on a site called “What’s My Image”. These
researchers have found that people could make a more accurate judgment about strangers by guessing. This made physiognomy also a fail. A challenge that defines someone’s personality is that there are 18,000 words you can use to describe someone. Psychologist wanted to find the “core” traits within these words. Many psychologists like Gordan Allport, Raymond Cattell, and Hans Eysenck were the early psychologist that approached traits. They each saw traits as the stable unit of personality. Each of them attempted to get a list or taxonomy off the most important trait dimensions. They each branched off and started working on different parts. Allport started by reducing the 18,000 traits to 4,500 traits like words,then he organized them into three levels according to their level of importance. The three levels were: Cardinal traits which were the most important, Central traits which were basic but most useful and Secondary traits which were considered the less obvious and consistent one. Cattell used factor analysis to analyze traits and identify important ones. He called them “source” which was more important and “surface” which was less important. He also developed 16 dimensions of traits based on personality adjective to our everyday lives. Eysenck tried to understand the fundamental personality traits. He studied extraversion vs introversion. He believed that people who were extroverted have lower levels of natural arousal than introverts.
Psychologist have studied for years in order to understand personality traits but it’s not useful to go online to a website and try to get a self-report in order to see what they’re like in other peoples lives. Your personalities identify you. Personality test are supposed to understand your thoughts and feelings. They used them in jobs and other places to get a feel on you.


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