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Last updated: April 1, 2019

Personal selling is defined as oral communication with potential buyer of a cars with the intentionof making a sale.The advantage of this that it can influence the custumer mare compare to advertisement.Some of costumers depends on the attitude and the skillfulness of the salesperson to convince the costumer.Perodua is sold through direct selling which is face-to-face by using sales person.The sales person who does not directly work for the company mostly can lower the price of Perodua to attract custumer.while buying from salesperson at thee showroom is more convenient as everything is handled by them and also the quality of the service.The company make uses of “Word of Mouth” by trained dealers in Malaysiawho have well knowledge on how the car operates also at this stage monetary incentives to buy is the most effective way adopted by the company to trigger the purchase of Perodua Myvi.


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