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Personal Philosophy of Nursing Discussed in this paper are the four metaparadigm concepts of nursing, and how each concept plays a role in the development of my philosophy. Discussed first will be the concepts of the metaparadigm, including people, environment, health, and nursing. Lastly, I will discuss my reasoning behind my decision to take on the profession of nursing.Metaparadigm Concepts         The metaparadigm concept is a model that displays the connection between the environment, people, health, and nursing (Francis, 2017).

The environment consists of the surroundings, both internal and external, that affect a patient (Kozier, 2000). The people or the individuals are the recipients of nursing care (2000). Health is the level of wellness that the patient experiences (2000).  Nursing is a helping profession which uses a holistic approachto assist those requiring medical assistance (TCNJ School of Nursing, 1999). Together, these four concepts help to create a clear model of my nursing philosophy.People Humans, as holistic beings, are unique, dynamic, and multidimensional, capable of abstract reasoning, creativity, aesthetic appreciation, and self-responsibility.

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 Humans are viewed as valued persons, to be respected, nurtured and understood with the right to make informed choices regarding their health (TCNJ School of Nursing,1999).My central belief about the individual person is that they all have innate goodness within. Each individual should be treated with respect, equality, and the best patient care a nurse can give. Every person is different, no matter what is presented or what issue arises in the health   care setting, all individuals deserve the same level of respect. Individual expectations vary, depending on childhood experience, background, religious beliefs, and cultural factors.

All patients need to be treated equally, with all biases and judgments set aside.Environment The environment is defined by the conditions that you live or work in and the way that they influence how you feel or how effectively you can work (Cambridge English Dictionary, n.d.). The environment can be used to assist in quality patient care. For example, having a calm environment and a warming presence provided by the healthcare professional may affect the overall experience for both the professional and the patient. The environment can help to provide a calm and safe setting for the individual and therefore the environment and patient go hand in hand.

It is essential for the nurse to modify and adjust the environment to provide holistic, safe healthcare for the client and their families. HealthHealth is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity (World Health Organization, 2017). My view on health is that it is a positive concept that has numerous components within it, such as physical, mental, social, spiritual, financial, and intellectual. Each can affect the other in positive and negative ways. Illness relates to health when an individual has an imbalance in any of these aspects. When these characteristics are steady, an individual may be in a healthy state of mind. Reason for NursingA licensed nurse is expected to provide safe and effective nursing care following the appropriate standards of care approved by professional standards (Cabaniss, 2011).

Nurses have exceptional opportunities to impact the lives of patients and their families during daily routines (2011). The central reason for the existence of nursing is to help patients, whether that be physically or emotionally.ConclusionMy nursing philosophy is to give the best holistic care that I can give to all patients that I encounter, regardless of the location or circumstances. People deserve to receive the best care.

My philosophy relates to the metaparadigm theory by incorporating all factors, including people, environment, health, and nursing. This philosophy will help guide my practice and learning to assist me to become successful in every aspect of nursing. ReferencesCabaniss, R. (2011). Educating nurses to impact change in nursing’s image. Teaching and Learning in Nursing, 6(3), 112-118.Cambridge English Dictionary.


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