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PERSONAL HYGIENE AND GROOMING”Eat to please thyself, but dress to please others.” – Benjamin Franklin.Expensive clothing, cologne or perfume cannot replace good practices like washing hands, brushing teeth, showering and having neat hair and clean, trimmed fingernails. Failure to attend to such good practices will nullify any other effort including the quality or cost of external attire! It is often the things that are done out of habit (picking one’s nose) or those not readily seen by the public (dirty socks) that can be among the most embarrassing!It is important to ensure cleanliness and to observe hygienic practices at all times.

The old adage says; Cleanliness is next to godliness. DRESS CODEThe public looks upon an RNP member as a distinctive individual hence RNP members must wear their appropriate attire in conformity with the occasion. A list of proper attire is annexed to this document. Since disciplined RNP members are best exemplified by those who are neat in appearance, they must therefore observe the following: Wearing of prescribed uniform. Adherence to haircut, beards and hair tie as prescribed by rules ; regulations.

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Manner of Walking: Every RNP Member is expected to walk with pride and dignity.Being physically fit Each situation requires a different set of dress codes. The dress code of RNP must be adhered to at all occasions! Basic tips for appropriate dress code:Dress elegantly – the basic rules of an elegant wardrobe are simplicity and moderation.Properly fitting clothes, the clothes are ironed, shoes are clean and, properly matching colours.For regular work both men and women should consult the branding menu. In terms of accessories, men should not wear any bracelet or rings, unless the latter one is a family ring.

A man is allowed a watch and clasp cufflinks and he should wear a tie. A woman is allowed more accessories: a watch, bracelet, rings, necklace, earrings, and a handbag. However, she is advised to use moderation so the accessories will not make her look too extravagant.If either a man or a woman has long hair they are both advised to pull them together at the end of their neck.During an official ceremony the attire should be darker and decorative. The dark clothes and long dress are used for the evening ceremonies or galas after 20 o’clock.Among the common rules that need to be observed are:Washing hands after visiting the restroom regardless of the purpose of the visitUsing an appropriate handkerchief or tissues to clean one’s nose or wipe one’s faceEspecially in hot weather, employing an appropriate means of addressing foul smell due to perspirationSimilar to (c) above, wearing clean socks should be a matter of factIn terms of personal grooming, the following apply:MEN: Well-shaven, beard or mustache trimmed, clean shirt, no fraying of collar or cuffs, spotless well-tied tie, clean socks pulled up high, laces and tassels on shoes in good shape.

WOMEN: Whether opting for a natural or made up appearance, the recommendation is moderation, tidiness, comfortably fitting attire including shoes and adequate and not excessive accessories. If wearing make-up, ensure it is carefully applied and there are no makeup smears on clothing. Jewellery should be polished and clean eyebrows plucked, jewelry, fragrance applied sparingly, , slip not showing, nail polished not chipped, run-free hosiery. c.BOTH:Hair – cut, clean and well brushed/combedClothes – well-fitting and no missing buttonsNails – clean and in good shapeAccessories – watchband in good shape, shoes well-polished.Standard of dress for GuestsThe selection of the appropriate standard of dress to be worn by guests at the function will depend on considerations such as the purpose and format of the event, the type of occasion, the time of the function, climate, venue, the degree of formality and the status of the guests.

The standard of dress selected should be stated on the invitation to guests. The various options which may be referenced on the invitation include casual attire, smart casual, business attire, jacket and tie, lounge suit, evening wear, black tie, national dress and judicial robes. The wearing of decorations may also be specified.In the case of defence force and emergency services personnel, uniform as a standard of dress is an additional option or requirement. This would be particularly relevant if there was an expectation that those personnel should wear their uniforms.

Due to the extensive variation in orders of dress for uniforms, advice should be sought from Protocol Queensland


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