Topic: Culture

Last updated: November 10, 2019

Person-centred care is not just about giving people whatever they want or just providing care it’s having a clear understanding about the individuals you are supporting, knowing what their needs, culture and emotional needs are,working with the individual and their family and other professionals to meet those needs. There are eight Person centred values they include: Individuality- The individual should have the right to make their own choice in what they wear, eat, drink, respect he/she to be their own person and in their own space. Rights- If the individual you’re supporting refuses personal care then you have to respect that because they have the right to say no, the are still people they still have the choice to say yes or no.Choice- As a care worker you should allow the individual to tell how they want a particular thing done ie how they want their hair done and how he/she prefers or like her hair done up. Privacy- An individual should be given space and time to themselves, they all need a break from us sometimes ie when he/she has a visitor, let them be alone in a quiet area. Independence- A little indepence is a good for the person you support even something small like getting dress ie putting their underwear on just prompting will help help build his/her confidence.

Dignity- No one wants to feel stripped of all their dignity, still making the individual feel like you respect them is good ie allowing he/she to wash their private areas will make them feel comfortable Respect- Letting the person you’re supporting know that you’re there to help, don’t make he/she feel like they’re incapable,” let me know if there’s anything you need. I’m happy to help, but I can respect that you like to do things on your own.” this helps Partnership-working in partnership with your colleagues and the service user is the coming together in achieving the servicers needs and what needs focus.

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