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Last updated: March 19, 2019

People of Salem, if it were a good mornin’ I would tell you that, nevertheless it were not.

This mornin’ an outrageous cruelty is terrifying like foxes that wait for their impaired prey to suffer a slow and painful death before they eat him. This mornin’ we will abide to witness yet another wicked and incompetent killing of two noble and guiltless Christians, Rebecca Nurse and John Proctor. Women and men, for four haunting months in the very court an overwhelming trepidation has founded itself into our very own souls, a fright of the bizarre and a dread of becoming one of the alleged. My fellow villagers, it must be clear to any truly Christian guild that the devil be not midst us in the form of witchery, but in the façade of revenge! I plead you to take a stand, to communal together and to discontinue this madness afore it absolutely takeovers Salem and you similarly are on prosecution of witchcraft! Rebecca Nurse and John Proctor are two respectable fellows of our robust clan. How is it that Rebecca Nurse, a tender and wily woman and John Proctor, a cherished and sweet mannered farmer have become the sufferers of such unforgiving allegations? Rebecca Nurse, who is extensively acknowledged for her righteous nature and John Proctor, who may often gather for guidance, both retain these sympathetic statuses because they have earned them. They have earned our trust.

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They have earned our admiration. Why should we then punish Rebecca Nurse and John Proctor, two of the few who are valiant enough to die as avowed statements to the truth? Henry Shrew, didn’t Proctor help you out when your cows escaped to the woods by giving you milk everyday not until your cows were found, David, didn’t he help you when your child became sick and he went to get herbs for your son so that he could live? Madam Lily, didn’t Rebecca Nurse help you when your child went missing and she left her home for 5 days so that she could get your child back, Daniel, didn’t she help you when your daughter lost her pair of shoes and she gave her only pair for her to use? Let us take this time to remind ourselves what happens when someone makes an accusation without proof and may this be a lesson to us all. Let us make this day as a holiday to honor those who have been accused or killed and may God rest their souls. Ladies and gentlemen, it is not God’s work to execute. It is not God’s work to compel innocent Christians into confessing an association with the devil when none so evidently exists! Any true Christian would recognize the cruelty of these witchcraft executions as a barefaced contempt for the Holy Bible itself. Has it not occurred to the spokespersons of the court that those that have declared have only done so out of their terror of hangin’ for telling the truth? These girls that have faulted should also not be killed but should be banished from this village and to never return again unless their souls want to see their bodies being hanged from the highest branch of the tallest tree in this very village.

But this isn’t only their fault but ours also because we believed them in fear of being accused, we saw them accusing innocent people who weren’t even involved in the witchcraft. We let ourselves become weak. We let ourselves follow these quails around like baby geese following their mother everywhere.

Let us not take attention of the resentful allegations. Let us not take notice of the girls’ fallacious and spiteful claims. Let us group together to halt these eccentric witch-hunts. Our neighbors in Andover have shown resistance against the demonizing of good people. Let us then also riot against the conviction of innocent Christians. Let us rebel against the very system guilty for the killings of so many innocent Christians! Let us express our disapproval at the imperfect witch-hunt trial and finally reestablish harmony to our fair town of Salem.


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