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Last updated: April 30, 2019

People must be fined for not recycling as landfill sites will be saturated in a few years.

Greenery will turn into a reddish brown, and the sky will turn into a grey disgusting mess. If we don’t immediately begin recycling, more disasters will be created causing more destruction everywhere. Mother Nature gives us our livelihoods, needs and wants but without recycling we are creating a war against her. First and foremost, ‘talk the walk’ to people whom are slothful, shiftless and sluggish. You can lecture people for straight on an hour about how irresponsible, idiotic, ignorant people are by not recycling.

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But, what’s the sense of talking if you do not start it yourself? Show people that you actually care! Recycling is the act of collecting, separating, and recreating used materials into new products. For example, when you see someone toss an empty snack packet, pick it up and toss into the recycle bin (if it is recyclable). According to BBC News if one area does not recycle much they are set to be fined and as the years go by if it does not hit 70 percent by 2025, they will have to pay huge fines. This is already a wakeup call for us all to start recycling. Next, persuade them to understand the horrific situation that ‘our earth home’ is facing. Understand that this world needs something, someone like us, to save it.

Often, these courageous actions are seen as foolish, idiotic, and moronic. It is either because they don’t care of they are too lazy. Recycling can reduce the chances of trash being thrown into landfills and lessen both air and water pollution.

Not all the waste that’s thrown away is recyclable, but recycling a small amount of trash can make a change in the environment. My dear people, please understand that it is better to start later than never. We should appreciate that Mother Nature is giving everything we need and want in our life. So why should we disapprove of recycling materials?Pursuing this further, the ozone layer is being destroyed due to the great amount of trash in the environment.

The ozone layer is a layer of natural ozone gas that settles 9.3 to 18.6 miles exceeding Earth and protects the environment from the ultraviolet that are produced from the sun. Excessive amount of ultraviolet rays can cause skin cancer, eye damage and extreme sunburn. The ozone layer absorbs about 97 to 99 percent of the ultraviolet rays, so think about it within the ozone layer the human race could go extinct. “UV radiation could injure or kill life on Earth” (“Ozone layer and causes of Ozone Depletion – Conserve Energy future). The ozone layer is deteriorating as a result of pollution containing the chemicals Bromine and Chlorine.

Once these chemicals destroyed part of the layer, the ultraviolet rays’ damages the reproductive cycle of phytoplankton and single cell organisms such as algae. Now close your eyes and remember the days when people made you mad for not doing the right things. For example let’s say you saw a litter on the floor and it is plastic and you decided to throw it into the recycling bin.

Your friends might mock you saying how foolish it and that it is a waste of time. Likewise, we should have patience and slowly educate them. Just as we struggle to clean our house and yard, be aware that something terrible and unfamiliar may happen if we don’t start recycling. Humanity is facing all types disasters like tsunamis, hurricanes, drought and we should do something to stop this. “Organic materials such as yard trimmings, paper products, and food wastes makes up more than two-thirds of human trash. This organic waste would become useful compost instead of being deposited into landfills.

” (Allin, Craig W., and Robert McClenaghan. Encyclopedia of Environmental Issues. Vol 3. Pasadena, CA: Salem, 2000. 1035-36). Without a lack on influence and exposure, how will we expect people to accept? Will laziness and ignorance benefit them? No! People are resentful towards this attitude and I don’t blame you.

So in other words, start influencing people to recycle! Dear people, this isn’t the 70’s anymore, how we felt then won’t be the same as now. During the past, people may not be able to accept this but now it is a different era now. Recycling is one of the best choices to save resources in our daily life. Everyone enjoys to be surrounded by a clean atmosphere and not to worry about wearing a mask. Recycling must be mandatory for everyone in order to conserve the environment.

It is a must that we recycle not only for the sake of Mother Nature but for our sake as well. If the people want the Earth to last for a couple hundred years let’s make a difference “reuse, reduce, and recycle.” Remember that one person can make a huge difference to the environment. “Go green.”


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