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Last updated: January 1, 2020

People can easily train animals, but they cannot force them to eat or drink. The personality of the younger generation is similar to the animal, and they feel like they can do whatever they want. The school may provide opportunities for the students to attend school; however, education must be interesting and not be forced on students. The compulsory attendance is the most important rule in Asia, especially in Vietnam. Because of mandatory attendance laws in high school, many students feel frustrated and bored because of the lack of flexibility. Therefore, the high school attendance laws in Vietnam should be voluntary rather than mandatory.
First of all, a school is a place students consider to receive their education; however, it is also a complex environment. Every student has the same purpose when he or she attends school, which is to learn. On the other hand, students do not have an equal life situation or personality. These differences affect if students will attend school or not. Obligatory attendance rules require students to attend school although they do not want to. In the article “So That Nobody Has to Go to School If They Don’t Want To,” the author Roger Sipher also states that it is possible for students who resist learning to impact the learning space of other students (par.11). For instance, bulling is the big problem at Vietnam high schools. In most instances, most bullies are from students who are not willing to go to school and they learn bad behaviors from other students, which are affecting badly to mentality and studying of another student. Therefore, the school needs to abolish the compulsory attendance law to give liberty to students who are opposed to being in school.
In addition, a student’s family situation is also a main reason, which makes students, unable to be at school. For example, in the United States, it has public schools that all students can attend. However, in Vietnam it does not have any public schools for the less fortunate students. Thus, many families cannot afford to send their children to school, and they reluctantly let their children go to work to earn a living, which makes children incapable to go to school every day. Students who choose to work also learn valuable skill from their work so that they should not be forced to attend school. The attendance law in Vietnam is complicated for students; the school will dismiss students if they have over ten absences. Besides that, many students feel bored or stressed because of the struggle in their learning abilities. Each has a different intelligence level; students who cannot do well at school because of their talent should not force them to go to school because this pressure will cause students to be physically and mentally disturbed.
Besides the personal reasons for the students, the school systems also cause students to be dissatisfied when they are going to school. High school is the essential stage which helps students arrange for their university entrance. However, high school in Vietnam creates heavy chastisements for compulsory schooling such as expelling students from school if they skip class over ten days. Therefore, the severe penalty punishment and the rules required to participate must be removed at the school. Moreover, some schools in Vietnam quantify the number of students attending the class which can rate the quality of that particular school. This is why the schools create the attendance law to have the better benefits for them. The truth is that schools pay more attention to their profit rather than the performance of the students. In the same article, the author Sipher mentions that the compulsory attendance laws should be eliminated to develop excellent education because the numbers of students who attend school are not affected by that law (par.6). Sipher confirms that mandatory attendance rule is a useless law when operating with the student and it should be abolished in schools.
The personal development of the students is sensitive. At this period, students are always looking and evaluating the situations from their point of view, and they can have certain intellectual ability to do so. Some students choose to go to work or start their own business because they feel not succeed to be attend school. In fact some entrepreneurs do not graduate from secondary school, but they still can become billionaires in the world. The mandatory attendance law is limiting the opportunities for students to succeed. Moreover, the control of school and parents lead to the students’ frustration. At home, parents command their children to do what they want and they do not care about their child’s desire. Meanwhile, at school, teachers force the students to be on time without any justification. Parents and educators seem to ignore the wish of students. Therefore, schools and parents should give students freedom to choose their desire because when students are longing to learn by enthusiasm, they will strive to achieve their goal.
The fate of the nation is on each citizen who will contribute to building the economic. Also, the younger generation is the most important group of people who have the ability to change our nation. The high schools in Vietnam should abolish the obligatory attendance rule because this law has a negative impact on the student future. Instead of forcing students to obey the compulsory attendance law, schools should end it and allow students to have freedom to decide their studies.


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