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Last updated: April 12, 2019

Paul Russo Leadership PlanPersonal Mission StatementTo be recognized by the executive team, peers, and direct reports as a:• Leader not a boss and a coach not a manager• Person who leads by applying ethical business decisions• Person who lives a balanced life and is always learning • Effective leader with a continuing plan for successStrengthsThroughout my career I have been recognized as leader who exemplifies these leadership qualities:• Highly organized – This is a key strength or attribute to be an effective leader. • Communicator – Providing clear precise communication allows individual contributors to strive to attain the corporate and business goals and objectives.• Multitasker & prioritization of tasks – These traits align with being organized I have always been able to turn on a dime shifting from project -to-project and realigning shifting priorities.• Being a duck on the pond.

Anyone can be an effective leader when there are no conflicts and it is business as usual. But when there is business chaos or conflicts that is when a true leader can shine like a duck on the pond; being seemingly tranquil floating on the pond but unseeingly you are paddling like crazy against the chaotic current.• Hiring resources who are independent, self-starters who do not require micro management and providing a development plan for existing resources.• Doing the right thing relating to both business and personnel decisions has always allowed me to maintain my credibility.WeaknessesI am able to identify and acknowledge my weaknesses. I have also been able to put an action or development plan in place to either alleviate or minimize these weaknesses.

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Some areas of improvement are:• Interpersonal relationship skills with my peers and our, mostly, millennial work force. I do realize as a leader your words and actions are held to a higher standard. • I sometimes bond to closely with direct reports and it effects my decisions especially when corrective action is required.• I have been told that I’m sometimes to task oriented and push too hard for my expected results. I need to loosen the reigns an have confidence that I have a strong bench and that they will deliver.• Administrative tasks – I need to become familiar with the Allergan manager administrative responsibilities. Goals for ImprovementSince I will be setting and evaluating goals for others I must also do this for myself. My goals include improving:• Communication skills• Interpersonal relationship skills• Product and business knowledge• My confidence in my direct reportsPlan of ActionAt a high level I will utilize the Allergan internal learning system (HMM) to build upon my current leadership skills.

I will seek out and present justification to attend both internal and external trainings. Lastly, I will seek the advice of senior leadership regarding how to align my improvement goals with the Allergan corporate goal and culture.


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