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Chris BurdettEnglish 1101June 12, 2018House vs. ApartmentHouse and apartment are places that make us comfortable and secure. Renting an apartment or buying a house has been an important subject when one needs a place to live. However, many people think owning a house is the best. So, when making a decision about where to live, it’s important to examine the positives and negatives of renting an apartment versus owning a house.First of all, renting an apartment has some real advantages that someone might consider. “For starters, renting is more flexible, if you are moving from one city to another and, it allows a lid on housing expenses” (Clark 24). Also, location is an important aspect of apartment because complexes are more likely located near local attractions and business areas.

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And if people are looking for a short period of time for any reason, apartments are the best choice. They can negotiate a lease that fits the amount of time needed or may pay month to month. One of the best perks of apartment living is that someone with bad credit may still renting.

In the USA, credit score affects several things in life. But when it comes to the apartment renting, there are many ways to be protected against bad credit. First, some landlords may request a co-signer who can be a parent, trusted friend, or relative with good credit to cosign the rental application. In other words, the guarantor agrees to cover the payment in case there’s default on the rent. If the zCzrenter’s credit history is not good at all, showing a consistent income may help make a landlord feel better. Whenever people are applying for an apartment, they should have a proof of income ready, such as recent pay stubs, and tax returns. In addition, there’s not maintenance coast in an apartment renting. These issues are handled by managers and owners.

If something breaks down, such as air conditioner, heating, or light bulbs, one just needs to call the leasing office agent to take care of it. There’s less to clean, and the electricity, and water bills are less expensive. Also, in an apartment, tenants don’t have to worry about lawn care.While apartment renting comes with the peace of mind, there are some notable disadvantages that need to be take into consideration. In fact, apartment renting is not always easy because the price could be increased by the landlord at any time, and the rent ate generally increases after each rental agreement renewed. Also, rent can be expensive than mortgage payments.

Basically, apartment is a small living room. When renting an apartment, there is always less space, and storage. So, if someone owns many possessions, he or she might need to pay for a storage unit. And, because of the lack of room, it’s tricky to have pets at home. In addition, there is not enough parking for tenants, so they must often park far away from their building. In an apartment, tenants share walls with neighbors.

That means neighbors can be overheard, speaking, or shouting and loss privacy. So, suffering from excessive noise from other tenants is possible. Again, apartments are difficult to decorate and renovate. Tenants are not allowed to make big changes on them without landlord permission. Because of apartments corporations, the extent to which they can be decorated is limited.

Nevertheless, what about buying a house? According to Ron Abraham, president of OREA, “the best part of buying house is the pride and sense of accomplishment that comes with being able to renovate and update your home to make it truly your own” (Abraham). In fact, once someone buys a house, it becomes his or her legal property which allows him greater freedom and creative control. There is a large space and storage in houses. Generally, homeowner has more room to spread out and store more stuff. For instance, he or she can, create a garden or have pets. Also, mortgage is less expensive than rent in many cases than what the landlord charges for rent. In the USA, owning can be cheaper alternative because of the low interest rates.

And, there is an opportunity to save money in the long term as there are possible taxes deduction related to income generating properties. Buying a home is not always the best resolution. Sometimes it’s challenging.Homeownership comes with huge responsibilities such as regular home maintenance. There are additional costs to a home owner, and this usually include taxes, insurance, and maintenance. Therefore, a credit score is an important condition to apply for mortgage.

Before buying a home, it’s important to have a good credit score because that will impact how much can be borrowed from a bank. For example, if someone has substantial credit card debt, he or she may need to pay a debt before buying a home. A homeowner experienced many difficulties to move. So, he is under stress whenever it comes to change his lifestyle.

At the end of the day, the decision comes down to what works best for everyone. Renting offers great flexibility and opportunity for great life changing events, while home ownership offers a chance to put down roots and to invest. However, there are pros and cons on either side, but the final decision is up to the person.


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